#BoschLostRecipes: Save Our Heritage Food

The Bosch Gourmand's Table Award might not be real - but the need for us to preserve our culinary heritage is. Our local food deserves to be appreciated minus hype, minus trends, minus unrealistic standards.

If you won invitations to The Bosch Gourmand’s List gala night, instead of a degustation menu, join us for a cozy dinner hosted by Chef Malcolm of Candlenut to experience Singapore’s cuisine in all its glory. Check out your inbox for details.

Can you recall the “deconstructed dishes” from our gala dinner menu? Swipe right to reveal the “deconstructed” dish that was created with the very same ingredients as the original heritage dish.

Lemak Siput

The Asian counterpart to Escargots, Lemak Siput is a traditional Peranakan dish of sea snails cooked in a spicy coconut gravy infused with chilli padi and lemongrass. Only a handful of restaurants still serve this dish.

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Bakwan Kepiting Soup

You’ll never eat another store-bought meatball again once you’ve tried Bakwan Kepiting! Made with minced chicken, succulent fresh crab meat, and crunchy bamboo shoots, this dish demands a watchful eye and expert flame control to achieve just the right level of tenderness.

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Ikan Chuan-Chuan

This classic Peranakan dish of pan-fried fish seasoned with taucheong and ginger is popular with both Malay and Chinese communities for whom fish signifies good fortune and longevity.

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Bubur Cha Cha

While the average Bubur Cha Cha found in kopitiams can be tongue-numbingly sweet, making it at home means that you can control the amount of sugar used and allow the main ingredient of sweet potatoes to really shine. Tradition calls for the sweet potatoes to be boiled till tender – but the same can now be achieved with a sous vide machine.

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Pang Susi

Before there were salted-beef bagels, we had Pang Susi – unassuming glazed buns stuffed to the brim with tender minced pork. The dough gets its fragrance and sweetness from orange sweet potatoes and candied winter melon: a complexity uncommon in most store-bought breads.

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