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Great washer at great discounted price.

Bought about a month ago replacing my 7 years old Bosch washer. Big improvement in water consumption and the 50% reduction in time. Laundry came out clean and love the drum clean function.

Excellent machine

Did the first wash today - as expected by BOSCH, sparking clean.

Oxonization (Active Oxygen) feature is excellent.

Really happy with this washing machine. Oxonization (Active Oxygen) feature is excellent.

Alert Buzzer too soft.

My previous fridge was a Fisher&Paykel before switching to Bosch. I bought this fridge recently and realised that the sounding buzzer was too soft as compared to Fisher fridge to alert user when fridge door is left open accidentally.

Fantastic Fridge

As my previous fridge was Fisher , it last more than 10 yrs and have confidence in European made fridge.


Looks great and quiet during washing


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