Your Guide to Home Development with Bosch

Presenting Your All-in-One Guide to Home Renovation.

Your New Home Awaits!

Congratulations on coming to the end of your renovation journey. We hope that the process has been smooth and enjoyable as you see your dream home become a reality.

We are glad to have been a part of it and wish you the very best as you embark on your new adventure of moving in and starting life in your new home.

We’ve a whole range of home appliances to keep your new home in tip-top shape.

Things to check together with your ID before moving in

Flooring and wall tiles

Check for defects, cracks, misalignment, etc.

Wall Painting

Check that there are no spots missed out or patchy areas; check that walls and ceilings around fixtures have no cracks or gaps.


Check that all windows open smoothly and shut with a proper seal.


Check that all electrical points are working, lights are properly installed, appliances are working correctly and air-conditioning is working.


Check for any water leakage; check that water heaters, water faucets and showerheads are installed and working properly.


Check that laminates are properly applied; check for dents, chips, scratches, ensure doors and ?drawers operate smoothly.

Lingo Dictionary

Air extraction rate: Used to measure the rate of airflow in m3 per hour (a good extractor hood should have an air extraction power to move 6 to 12 times the volume of air in the kitchen in an hour)

Ampere (A): The rate of flow of electricity through electric wires (in Singapore, the typical 3-pin plug used for general electrical appliances is 13A. Air-conditioners use a rounded 15A 3-pin plug)

BTU: Stands for British Thermal Unit to measure the cooling power of air-conditioner units

Built-in appliance: An appliance that needs to be fitted within a casing before installation onto the cabinetry

Built-under appliance: An appliance that does not go into a casing and is mounted directly unto the cabinetry

Cabinetry: another term for carpentry

Carcass: The structural frame of a cabinet used to organize and position each compartment

Casement window: A window that swings outwards sideways

Cement screed: Flooring or wall finishing constructed using cement (from June 2015 onwards, only pre-packed cement can be used for HDB renovation. It is slightly pricier but will result in more uniform finishes and a cleaner environment)

Cabinetry: The structural frame of a cabinet used to organise and position each compartment

Cornice: Decorative feature installed at the upper part of the wall and ceiling

Cove Light: Indirect lighting that can is built into ledges or recesses in the ceiling or wall that hides lighting fixtures for a very clean look.

Fuse: Protects electrical appliances against damage due to overloading or power surges

Grouting: The process of filling gaps left after the construction process with a mixture of cement and other chemicals

Haulage: The commercial transport of construction materials”

Chemical Cement: adhesive used for overlaying tiles

Laminated Flooring: A synthetic flooring product that is economical, durable and easy to maintain

Louver: An opening with horizontal panes to allow air passage while guarding against rain and sunlight

Masonry: Wall, floor or ceiling constructed using a cement-based material

Pelmet: a drop-down element to cover curtain tracks or sliding door tracks

Rough-in: the distance between the centre of the WC floor opening and the wall. This is important if the owner wishes to change the toilet.

Skirtings: Narrow boards around the margin of a floor

Trap: A bend in a water pipe to hold water so that gases will not get into the home (comes in 2 main types: P-trap and S-trap)

Top hung window: A window that swings outwards on its horizontal top edge

Vinyl Flooring: a popular new type of resilient flooring made from the artificial composite vinyl that has superior moisture-resistance

Veneer: a very thin slice of wood glued onto a core material to form panels that look like wood for cabinetry


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