Your Guide to Home Development with Bosch

Presenting Your All-in-One Guide to Home Renovation.

Kitchen Guide

One of the guiding principles behind good kitchen design is balance. A well-designed kitchen has a good mix of storage and worktop spaces. Its layout allows cooking, washing and food preparation to take place smoothly with minimal fuss.

Kitchen Planning

First, ask yourself these questions:

1. What type of cooking will you do?

2. What kind of food are you going to store?

3. Do you prefer an open layout or a closed kitchen?

Common Kitchen Layouts

The work triangle is an ergonomic zone connecting your wash area (kitchen sink), food storage (fridge) and cooking area (cook top and oven). Once you’ve outlined your work triangle and decided on your appliances, here are some useful kitchen layouts that you may consider.

Kitchen Type Description Layout
Single-wall kitchen
(suitable for small homes)
The single-wall kitchen can effectively keep all appliances and cooking essentials within reach. While the work triangle is not evident here, its principle of keeping an ideal distance between different work zones remains.
Galley kitchen
(suitable for most kitchens)
The galley layout is a favourite among chefs. It makes good use of tight spaces and provides
flexibility for accessing kitchen appliances and storage.
L-shaped kitchen
(suitable for larger flats with
an open layout)
This layout extends itself for guests to mingle in the cooking area. An island can also be incorporated to provide additional worktop or
seating space. This open layout will benefit from a powerful extraction hood to keep odours and oil out of your other living areas.

Kitchen Talk

Quick tips on kitchen design from Lee Chi Ho, Design Principal, The Orange Cube

“New BTO kitchens tend to be small and compact. However, restrictions often offer opportunities for creative solutions.”

Lee Chi Ho - Design Principal, The Orange Cube

Help with Hoods

Cooker hoods remove excess smoke, steam, grease and fumes while you cook, thereby making sure that your kitchen and the rest of your home smell clean and fresh.

About Air Recirculation

Catering for HDB homes, Bosch extractor hoods feature a powerful, energy-efficient air recirculation mode that reduces grease particles from dispersing and settling on everything in your flat.

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Slimline Hood (60 or 90 cm)

Thin and flat in design with a slide out section, this is ideal for integrating into your kitchen cabinets and will be almost invisible.

Chimney Hood (60 or 90 cm)

Wall-mounted hoods are generally mounted above the hob, on the wall between the wall units. This type of cooker hood fits beautifully into the line of your kitchen units whilst providing effective ventilation that you’ll barely see – but you’ll notice the amazing effect.

The Right Hood

Match your hood with your kitchen to keep your flat smelling clean and fresh.The right hood replaces air in your kitchen ideally 10 times an hour.

What extraction rate do I need from my hood?

When choosing a hood, always match its air delivery power to the size of your kitchen. An effective extractor should be able to replace the air in your kitchen 10 times an hour.

For open layout kitchens, identify the location of your hood and estimate your kitchen volume in the following manner:

*This formula gives a guiding value to the consumer to calculate the appropriate extraction rate in open-plan kitchens. Always ensure adequate fresh air in the room if the appliance is being operated in exhaust air mode at the same time as room air-dependent heat-producing appliance is being operated.

Installing Tips / Caring for Your Extractor Hood

Picking Your Hobs

Choose a hob according to your cooking and taste preference.

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Know Your Hobs

There are 3 main types of hobs to choose from based on their heating methods:

Gas Hob

Electric Radiant Hob

Induction Hob
Cooks by Direct flame A heating element under
ceramic glass
Heat is generated in the cooking vessel directly through induction
Ease of cleaning
Intelligent features
Safety features
Best for Wok-hei taste/
General cooking
General cooking Fast cooking with superior control and energy efficiency
LPG Town Gas

Quick Tip
  • An induction hob, for example, can bring 2 litres of water to boil twice as quickly as electric radiant hob.
  • Do check with electrician on how electrical works can be done
Source Gas is stored in a cylinder. Gas is supplied directly by
Consideration When planning your kitchen cabinetry, allocate a suitable section to store your LPG cylinder in an upright position away from direct heat. You will need to apply for a
utilities account with SP Services and make an appointment for CityGas to turn on your gas line.

What is a good hob size for you?

Hobs varies for 30cm - 92 cm in sizes. Some may opt for two 30cm hobs instead of a single 60cm hob to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Oven Orientation

Getting the right oven depends on your style of cooking and your preference in the taste and texture of your food.

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What kind of chef are you?

Dry Chef

Moist Chef

Combi Chef
Definition of different
cooking types
Relatively quick process;
adds crispness and flavor, but doesn’t tenderise.
Involves cooking with water or stock, like poaching fish and
steaming broccoli.
Often uses slow-cooking
techniques to tenderise and break down tough cuts of meat.
Style of Cooking Grilling, Roasting, Baking Steaming, Boiling, Simmering Stewing, Braising
Best for Meat lovers who enjoy browning while avoiding excess fat The health conscious and nutrient-lovers Meat lovers who prefer more bite and strong flavour
Suitable Ovens Oven
Microwave Oven
Steam Oven Steam-Combination Oven
Microwave Combination Oven

Most Common Ways to Install Your Ovens

When considering where to place your oven, there are several options available:

Tall Boy Cabinet

A popular choice among homeowner’s, stacking your appliances saves space and you can place the oven at eye level for easy monitoring and accessibility.

Built Under

Placing the oven below your tabletop is the ideal option when there is limited cabinet space.

Side by Side

This arrangement allows you to install ovens along with other appliances and operate them easily at the same time.

45cm oven with 14cm warmer drawer

45cm coffee machine with 14cm warmer drawer

60cm Oven

The Right Fridge

Consider your family needs to determine the kind of fridge that works best for the food you store. Here are some considerations when selecting a fridge.

Which configuration do you prefer?

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The Right Way to Store Your Food

Dishwasher Facts

In your new kitchen, a dishwasher can be an indispensible help that saves you time and effort. Modern dishwashers are not only efficient and eco-friendly, research has shown that they are much more capable at eliminating harmful germs when compared to washing by hand.

Which dishwasher is most suitable for you?

Time savings Hygiene Youthful Hands
Up to 15 days a year can be
spent on hand washing in a
typical household.
Unlike hand washing, a dishwasher is able to wash your dishes with water heated up
to 70 degree celsius.
Contact with detergents may irritate and harm your skin.
A dishwasher saves you time
and energy so you can have
more quality moments with
your family.
This effectively eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria and germs, resulting in better hygiene and health for your family. A dishwasher minimises contact
between your hands and detergents to keep them feeling smooth and supple.

Choosing the Right Dishwasher

There are 3 main types of dishwashers to choose from: Compact, Integrated, and Free Standing.

With the freedom of designing a new kitchen from scratch, the clear choice is the built-in dishwasher, which can be fully integrated into your kitchen design scheme.

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Perfect for small kitchens.

Fully Integrated

Entirely concealed behind furniture door including the control panel.

Semi Integrated

Conceal with furniture panel leaving only control panel visible.


Perfect for space constraint.

Kitchen Planning Done!

We’re almost there, here are some useful tools and important things to check as your renovation draws to a close.


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