Dishwashers Tips

How to get the most of your dishwasher.

Essential tips to keep the dishwasher performing at its optimum.

Getting the basics right

Using rinse aid to maintain top performance

Why is rinse aid needed?

Rinse aid should always be used in the appliance to maintain excellent drying results. Rinse aid helps to disperse water from the surface of the dishes during the final heated rinse of the programme, which aids the drying process. If the level falls too low, dishes may remain wet and streaky after the end of the programme. It is replaced by filling the special compartment on the inside of the door.

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Top dishwashing tips

Tip 1: Always make sure that the detergent is correctly dosed for best results. 

Tip 2: Black scratch marks caused by cutlery may appear on plates after they are washed. These marks can be removed with white vinegar. 

Tip 3: Use dishwasher-safe crockery to avoid the fading of patterns.

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Essential maintenance

Treat it like how you want your crockery to be treated.

Periodic cleaning care is necessary to keep your dishwasher operating at its best. 

Filter units and spray arms play an important role during dishwashing thus regular cleaning is needed to prevent food debris from clogging the pumps and re-depositing on the dishes.

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Why is my crockery not dry, especially plastics?

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