Gas Hobs Installation

A quick guide on best practices for installing your Bosch home appliance

Installation methods and measurements may vary from model to model – check the installation manual or consult your contractor for more details.

Carving a Niche

  • To hold the hob in place, the length and width of niches must be shorter than that of the appliance itself. Refer to the installation instructions for more details.
  • Additionally, a radial cut-out is recommended as it is structurally stronger compared to an angular cut-out.
  • If you are installing the gas cook-top underneath an extractor hood, please take note of the minimum height A found in each appliance model's instruction manual.

Installation Options

1. Above a drawer

1. The worktop must have a minimum thickness of 20mm.

2. Ensure there is a minimum distance of 65mm between the top of the worktop and the top of the drawer for ventilation.

3. The minimum running length of the drawer is 480mm.

2. Above an oven

1. The worktop must have a minimum thickness of 30mm.

2. For sufficient ventilation, ensure there is a minimum gap of 5mm from the bottom of the hob to the top of the oven.

3. The minimum distance between the hob and the side wall is 150mm.

4.During installation, ensure that the gas pipe is installed on the left side of the hob. The powerpoint should be situated on the right side of the hob.


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