Tips for a longer-lasting washing machine

We often forget that while we rely on our hardy washers to clean our everyday clothes and fabrics, our washing machines also need to be kept in a good, clean condition to continue their function in preserving good hygiene and cleanliness for the household.

Imagine the stuff that goes into the washing machine on a regular basis – from potty accidents, filthy underclothes, general dirt and debris we collect on our clothing and fabrics. These leave a film of bacteria, mold and mildew that build up over time. Together with the accumulation of detergent residue, the combination can result in a foul mess.

Now think again about this invisible mess when you put your laundry into the machine the next time before your wash. Consider old microscopic fecal matter from your baby’s nappy or bacteria from dirty undergarments being transferred to each following batch of laundry.

All it takes is a bit of good housekeeping – a good washing machine cleaner can rid your washer of residue, deposits and remnants of detergents and fabric softeners. This also helps to preserve the performance of your appliance and the cleanliness of your fabrics. Try cleaning your washer once every quarter – a little love can go a long way!

Better cleaning

Now that we’ve tackled the washer’s interior, don’t neglect the exterior of your washing machine as it can also collect dirt from lint, dust and drips. Here are some useful tips for easy cleaning:

  • A simple solution of water mixed with a few drops of dish soap should suffice. Use a clean damp cloth with this solution to give your washer exterior a quick wipe-down.
  • Don’t risk scratching the surface with strong detergents or abrasive sponges or cloths.
  • Be careful to avoid the controls when wiping with a damp cloth – you don’t want to get them wet.
  • If you have a top loader, look under the lid give it a round of good wiping to remove dirt and scum collected over time.

Tip: How do I keep my washer in top form?

Residue from washing powders and fabric conditioners can build up over time in your machine, especially with frequent washing at lower temperatures. These residues can leave black marks on your laundry. Also, unpleasant odours can be passed on from the machine to your clothes, so while they might look clean, they don’t smell clean! Our washing machine cleaner does the job perfectly – removing the washing powder and fabric conditioner residues, as well as the odour. By using it once every 3 months, you will maintain a cleaner, more hygienic interior and really notice the difference where it matters the most – on your laundry!

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