Appliance Care

Maintenance Pack for Ceramic Hobs

Product Features

  • A simple solution of water mixed with a few drops of dish soap should suffice. Use a clean damp cloth with this solution to give your washer exterior a quick wipe-down.
  • Don’t risk scratching the surface with strong detergents or abrasive sponges or cloths.
  • Be careful to avoid the controls when wiping with a damp cloth – you don’t want to get them wet.
  • If you have a top loader, look under the lid give it a round of good wiping to remove dirt and scum collected over time.

How To Use

1. Scrape

After ensuring your hob is cold, simply scrape food deposits off.

Tip: Use the scraper at a shallow angle with smooth strokes.

2. Clean

Pour a small amount of cleaning fluid on the hob and clean the surface with the cleaning cloth.

3. Wipe

Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge and then dry with a dry cloth or kitchen paper for a showroom finish you can be proud of!

Tip: Always ensure cloths used are clean and non-abrasive.

Fast Facts

Package Unit : 1 Unit

Contents : Hob Cleaner (250ml), Glass Scraper & Cleaning Cloth

Product Code : 311502

Previously sold under part number 311133

Tested and approved care product

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Customer Reviews


by Busybee | 06/07/2016


I bought this and tried and OMG what a wonderful clean and shiny ceramic hob after cleaning it with this. Superb definitely recommend to anyone who has one.


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