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Product Features

  • Easy to use
  • Cleans thoroughly with only water
  • Chemical-free cleaning is safer for allergy sufferers
  • Lasts for 300 washes
  • Perfect for kitchen surfaces
  • Made in Great Britain

How To Use

1. For Dusting

Use the green cloth dry, static charge will pick up dust particles.

2. For Cleaning Grease and Dirt

Simply damp the green cloth, fold and wipe.

3. For Glass Cleaning

Lightly spray the surface with water and wipe with the blue cloth.

4. For Cleaning Stainless Steel

Wet the green cloth and wipe away grease.

Spray the surface with water and polish with blue cloth for a beautiful finish.

Tip: Always make sure your cloths are clean to avoid scratching surfaces.

To clean your e-cloth : simply rinse under a tap and wring out any excess water.

Fast Facts

Package Unit : 1 Unit

Contents : Microfiber Cloth Set (1 for cleaning & 1 for polishing)

Product Code : 466148

For easy and amazing kitchen cleaning

- with just water!

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Customer Reviews

‘Fantastic product!’

by Zsaz | 10/07/2016


Wow! Absolutely delighted with this fantastic cleaning duo! Knowing that a cloth is not just a cloth, I have an entire drawer dedicated to various cloths. But having tried and tested the "e-cloths",

I am certain that I can safely discard of all the other cloths and free up some drawer space.

My mirrors, stainless steel and glassware have not looked this good - ever. Requires very little effort and no additional products - just a spray of water and the sparkle is returned to each item.

The added additional non-scratch pouch is perfect for those tougher marks, grime and scale build up.


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