Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”)

1. The Internet Hotspot (“Service”) at the Bosch and Gaggenau Experience Centre (“EC”) is provided by BSH Home Appliances Pte. Ltd. (“BSH”) to its guests on a goodwill basis.

2. BSH may upon request provide a username, password and or such particulars as may be necessary to enable access to the Service.

3. The user is responsible for providing a wireless-enabled device that is able to access the Service.

4. BSH is not obliged to ensure that the Service shall be reliable or accessible at any relevant time nor provide any advice or assistance in relation to the Service.

5. BSH reserves the right to impose access and data limits on the Service and to withdraw or block access to any user at any time without notice.

6. The user agrees not to use the Service for or in connection with any offensive, malicious, illegal or otherwise objectionable activity (which shall be read to include but not be limited to accessing and or uploading computer viruses, malware and or pornographic material) and indemnifies BSH against any loss, damage or liability incurred by BSH in connection with any such prohibited activities by the user.

7. The user shall be fully responsible for the security of the user’s device and shall bear all risks in connection with the use of the Service (which shall include but not be limited to any damage to the user’s device from computer viruses).

8. The Terms are subject to change at the sole discretion of BSH.