A Holiday Gift Guide for Stress-Free Shopping

Whenever Christmas rolls around, the search for gifts begin! Whether you’re shopping for the budding chef who wants to make meal preparation easy, or for the amazing host at an upcoming party, here are the best appliances for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

1. For the Budding Chef

From a nifty hand blender to multi-purpose kitchen machine, these appliances would be the ideal additions to help lighten a chef’s load. Here are 2 tools we highly recommend.

MultiTalent 3 Compact Food Processor: A multi-purpose appliance that cuts, dices and even kneads. You can now bid farewell to tedious and manual work in the kitchen and simply leave the heavy lifting to the Food Processor.

Hand Blender: A favourite amongst chefs, the hand blender makes creating soups, smoothies and sauces a breeze. It fits snugly into your palm and effectively purees and cuts ingredients directly from pot and pans.

2. For the Hostess with the Mostest

Heading to a Christmas party and want to be the best house guest possible? Show your appreciation by turning up with a thoughtful gift your host will need – appliances that’ll clean up a party’s aftermath without a hitch.

Handstick Vacuum: They are convenient, easy to store and perfect for a quick clean up. Some handsticks, like the Bosch Athlet, comes with a runtime of 75 minutes - perfect for fully cleaning up a home, without having to recharge the batteries.

3. For the Breakfast Champion

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For those who love a hearty meal, gift them the right appliances so their mornings will be off to a good start.

Kettle & Toaster Set: It’s hard to deny a plate of delicious toast and aromatic coffee for breakfast. For that a kettle and toaster set is the perfect gift combination that’ll brighten mornings without spending a bomb.

4. For those with a Sweet Tooth

It’s easy to please dessert lovers with a tray of sweet treats. However, if they prefer baking the cake and eating it, these handy kitchen appliances will help them whip up a sweet and delicious selection.

Kitchen Machine: If your loved one enjoys baking and whipping up desserts, a kitchen machine is the perfect gift. Equipped with attachments that automate baking, stirring and kneading, kitchen machines remove the tiresome manual work. With the right attachments, the Kitchen Machine can even double up as slicers, blenders and meat mincers!

Hand Mixer: As a thoughtful gift for an aspiring baker, hand mixers eliminate the tedious and manual task of whisking and stirring of batters. All that can be done with the simple push of a button!

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