Built-in Fridge Installation

A quick guide on best practices for installing your Bosch home appliances

Installation methods and measurements may vary from model to model - check the installation manual or consult your contractor for more details.

Installing the unit

  • Take into account the thickness of the door panel, when placing units side by side, to avoid damage when opening the door(s).
  • During installation, make sure that the installation niche has the correct angles and exact size necessary.
  • Make sure the door can be swung open at least 115°, taking into account the door handle. If there are drawers, ensure they are unobstructed and can be pulled out easily.

Installation Option

Whether you choose to install the fridge along a dividing wall or have it stand alone, here are the ideal situations for ease of use.

1. Stand Alone

1. For sufficient ventilation, ensure that there isn't a wooden panel behind the built-in fridge.

2. Ensure that there is sufficient space between the fridge and the wall, to prevent obstruction when opening the door.

2. Stand Alone with Dividing Wall

1. The minimum distance between 2 built-in fridges is 50mm.

2. The powerpoint connection for the fridge should not be behind the fridge as it would prevent easy access to the power switch.


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