Serie | 8 45cm Built-in Oven with Microwave


The compact oven with integrated microwave: enables you to achieve perfect baking and roasting results very quickly.


EcoClean, the energy-saving cleaning aid.

EcoClean, the energy-saving cleaning aid, makes oven cleaning easy. A special coating of microfine ceramic spheres on the interior oven walls breaks down grease spatters while you bake or roast, for the entire service life of the appliance. That saves time and energy. The back walls of our ovens are coated with EcoClean as standard equipment.Or you can simply add the top and side components as optional accessories. The perfect workmanship of all components makes retrofitting easy.


Technical Specifications

  • 12 cooking methods:
    - Circulating air
    - Hot air
    - Fan air grill system
    - Microwave
    - Combined operation
    - Bottom heating
    - Intensive heat
    - Slow cooking
    - Keep warm
    - Pre-heating
    - Full width variable grill
    - Half width variable grill
  • Oven capacity: 42 litres
  • 900 W - Microwave
  • With Inverter technology
  • 5 settings: 900 W, 600W, 360W, 180W, 90W
  • Distribution system (MW): Stirrer fan
  • EcoClean panel: Roof liners, Rear wall
  • 6 recipe memory settings
  • Electronic control
  • Clear text display
  • Digital temperature display
  • Heating up indicator
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Actual temperature display
  • Control panel height 96mm: for a perfect horizontal combination with panorama appliances
  • One-knob control
  • Metal touch control
  • Full metal bar handle
  • Hot-air fan off/on when oven door opened/closed
  • U-shape glass on metal door design
  • Interior lighting
  • Drop down door
Safety functions
  • Childproof lock
  • Maximum window temperature 40° C
Technical Specifications
Width of the product (mm) 595 mm
Height 454 mm
Max. microwave power level 900 W
Door opening Handle
Addtional function Microwave combination
Home Connect
Construction type
Color / Material Front Stainless steel
Construction type Built-in
Type of control Electronic
Door opening Handle
Type of grill Heating element
Addtional function Microwave combination
Size and weight
Cavity capacity 42 l
Dimensions of the product (mm) 454 x 595 x 531 mm
Cavity dimensions (mm) 226.0 x 424.0 x 366.0 mm
Required niche size for installation (HxWxD) 450 x 560 x 550 mm
Net weight (kg) 37.0 kg
Type of auto-cooking Weight control
Additional cooking method Conventional
Additional cooking method Fan cooking
Additional cooking method Grill
Performance and consumption values
Grill power (W) 2,460 W
Included accessories 1 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan
Type of control setting and signalling devices full metal, Knobs illuminated, Push buttons, retractable, Rotary knob, round, Start button, Touch Control
Electronic After-sales Service
Connection rating (W) 3,600 W
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 180 cm
Current (A) 16 A
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Plug type Gardy plug w/ earthing
Voltage (V) 220-230 V

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