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For a quick and easy showroom shine on your kitchen hob.

Maintenance Pack for Ceramic Hob
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Maintaining a showroom quality hob is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with this Maintenance Pack!

This all-in-one pack contains a glass scraper, a specially-formulated cleaning fluid and a cleaning cloth - everything you need to remove unsightly spillages and tough to remove burnt food from your ceramic or induction hob.

With our Maintenance Pack, cleaning your hob is as simple as scrape, clean and wipe!

Extra cleaning fluid and spare scraper blades are also available if required.


  • Easily removes burnt marks
  • Safe on hob glass surface
  • Produces attractive shiny finish
  • Specially formulated and tested for excellent results
Maintenance Pack for Ceramic Hob

How to Use

1. Scrape
After ensuring your hob is cold, simply scrape food deposits off.

Tips Tip: Use the scraper at a shallow angle with smooth strokes.

2. Clean
Pour a small amount of cleaning fluid on the hob and clean the surface with the cleaning cloth.

3. Wipe
Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge and then dry with a dry cloth or kitchen paper for a showroom finish you can be proud of!

Tips Tip: Always ensure cloths used are clean and non-abrasive.

Product Reviews

Rated 4 stars!
Easy to use with great results!

1 November 2014

LKH, Singapore

"I've always been using soap, water and a cloth to wipe my hob but some food stains just took so much effort to remove. I decided to try the Maintenance Pack and I can't believe how much hard work I've been wasting previously. The scraper removes burnt on bits easily and the solution gives my hob a beautiful shine! Perfect tools for the job."

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