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Because scales belong on fishes, not coffee machines.

Coffee Descaler
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Did you know that over time, mineral deposits build up inside the hot parts of your coffee machine? These deposits - often called "scales" will reduce the performance of your machine and potentially even prevent it from working.

Bosch's Coffee Descaler is specially formulated, tested and approved to remove scales thoroughly without damaging your precious coffee machine. The descaler comes in easy-to-use tablets and will keep your coffee machine operating to the highest standard and even extend its life.


  • Easy to use tablet form
  • Keeps machine operating at highest standard
  • Extends machine life
  • Just 1 dose for every 400 cups

How to Use

Coffee Machines with a Descaling Programme

1. Dissolve
Dissolve 2 tablets in half a litre of lukewarm water.

2. Pour
After 5 minutes, pour the solution into the machine's water tank.

3. Follow Machine's Descaling Instructions
Refer to your appliance's instructions to activate the descaling programme.

Coffee Machines without a Descaling Programme (and Kettles)
Important : Always refer to appliances instruction manual.

1. Dissolve
Dissolve 1 tablet in half a litre of lukewarm water.

Tip! Tip: Use 2 tablets for a more concentrated effect.

2. Pour
After 5 minutes, pour the solution into the water tank.

3. Turn On
Turn the machine on so the water is heated.

Tip! Tip: Solution may froth, take care it does not overflow.

4. Rinse
After descaling, rinse 3 times with clean water to complete your descaling!

Product Reviews

Rated 4 stars!
No easier way for a deep clean.

8 November 2014

Leo, Singapore

"I need my daily cup of coffee and there's no easier way to deep clean my coffee machine than these little tablets."

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