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Cleaning and caring for your appliances is crucial to maintaining optimum performance and keeping them looking good. Our products help you tackle even the toughest cleaning job. Take a look through this selection and help keep your appliances in top shape.

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  • Descaler Tablets
    For fully automatic coffee machines

    (Mat Nr. 310967)

    -In tablet form
    -Maintains excellent appliance performance
    -Extension of appliance lifetime
    -Also suitable for descaling kettles

    Water Filter for Coffee Machines

    (Mat Nr. 461732)

    -Improves taste of water and therefore quality of drinks
    -Suitable for free-standing and built-in coffee machines

    $ 25.00
    For a box of 6 tablets

    $ 30.00
    One filter per package

    Cleaning Tablets
    For fully automatic coffee machines

    (Mat Nr. 310575)

    -For removing of any dirt or clogging due to coffee fat on coffee dispensing units or coffee filter holders
    -Can also be used for cleaning the inside of thermos flasks and coffee pots
    -Recommended cleaning approx. every two weeks
    -Note: only degreasing, not descaling properties

    $ 25.00
    For a box of 10 tablets

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    Rapid Descaler
    For fully automatic dishwasher and washing machines

    (Mat Nr. 311133)

    -Quick and effective removal of harmful limescale deposit
    -Extension of appliance lifetime
    -Easy to use – one box one dose

    $ 20.00

  • Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags (GXXL/GXL) and Micro-Hygiene Filter

    (Mat Nr. 467342)

    -Latest fleece technology for longer service life
    -Guarantees maximum pick-up of fine particles
    -Hygienic seal- no contact with dust when disposing of filter bag

    Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags (Type G) and Micro-Hygiene Filter

    (Mat Nr. 468383)

    -Made with synthetic materials for maximum particle intake
    -Hygienic shutter ensures safe disposal of the bags

    $ 30.00
    For box of 4 dust bags and 1 micro hygiene filter

    $ 25.00
    For box of 4 dust bags and 1 micro hygiene filter

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    Maintenance Pack for Ceramic Glass

    (Mat Nr. 311429)

    -Scraper easily removes burnt on marks without damaging the hob glass surface
    -Cloth and Cleaning Fluid for leaving an attractive, shiny finish
    -Specially formulated for cleaning glass

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    K2R Oven Cleaning Gel

    (Mat Nr. 463582)

    -Cleans ovens, grills, microwaves and ceramic stove tops effectively
    -Also safely cleans baking trays and stainless steel pots and pans
    -Prevents baked-in stains through regular use
    -Tested and approved by leading appliance manufacturers

    $ 30.00
    incl. Ceramic hob glass cleaner 250ml,Metal scraper, Cleaning cloth

    $ 10.00
    Tube of 200ml

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    Colossal Concentrated Degreaser

    (Mat Nr. 311297)

    -Easily removes grease - even when burnt-on, tar and other residues
    -Useful on appliances, cupboards, tiles and windows
    -Suitable for metal surfaces except for copper and brass
    -Biodegradable, does not contain phosphates

    $ 25.00
    For 500ml bottle

  • Cleaning Powder “Wiener Kalk”

    (Mat Nr. 311136)

    -Cleaning powder to safely clean stainless steel
    -Removes tough grime and marks
    -Suitable for hot and cold surfaces

    Stainless Steel Conditioning Cloths

    (Mat Nr. 311134)

    -Cloths are impregnated with special conditioning oil thus prevent marks such as fingerprints on the surface
    -Inhibits the build-up of dirt

    $ 25.00
    For a bottle of 100g

    $ 20.00
    For a box of 5 cloths Packed individually

    Stainless Steel Conditioning Set

    (Mat Nr. 311140)

    -Contains Cleaning Powder “Wiener Kalk” and Conditioning cloth for stainless steel surfaces
    -Cleaning powder guarantees best results in cleaning stainless steel and removing tough grime and marks
    -Cloths are impregnated with a special kind of oil and thus repels dust and dirt

    $ 30.00
    For one bottle Cleaning Powder 100g and one box of 5 cloths

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