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The new Series 8
generation of ovens.
Cooking has never been easier.


No matter how complicated a recipe may look, with the Series 8 ovens it will be a piece of cake. These cutting-edge ovens constantly monitor the progress of your cooking and automatically regulate temperature and length of time. Whether you're preparing poultry, meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, baked goods or desserts, your favourite dishes are always cooked to perfection – and it couldn't be easier. Now you have a master chef to help you in the kitchen: your oven.

The Intuitive Control Ring:
Turn your dream dishes
into reality, easily.

The Intuitive Control Ring.

Everything you need at hand: our new, intuitive control ring makes cooking easier than ever. With just a small turn of the stainless steel ring, you can adjust any of your oven's settings. The TFT-touch display, with its clear and straightforward design, guides you through the various menu options. This gives you full control over your dishes at all times and everything succeeds with ease.

Try the Intuitive Control Ring for youself

Flawless baking
at your fingertips.

The simplicity of beautiful
cooking with perfect
results, every time.


Baking has never been easier. The PerfectBake sensor offers precise sensitivity, constantly measuring the moisture level of your dishes and automatically regulating the baking process. You'll never have to set the heating mode, length of time or temperature ever again – the PerfectBake sensor has it all under control. Simply select the type of dish, such as "Cake", and press "Start". Your oven will do the rest. The result: bread, cake and pastries baked to perfection.

Love at
first sight.
And bite.

The easy way
to perfect results.


Whether it's poultry, meat or fish - with the PerfectRoast meat probe you'll get perfect results every time. Just like a professional chef, but with total ease. Through several highly sensitive measuring points, the probe determines the core temperature of your roast to the exact degree and second, guaranteeing perfect roasting results. Another benefit: you can also use the meat probe in the microwave and steam oven mode.

Fits every kitchen. And every need.

Design Options.

The new Series 8 Ovens not only deliver superior performance with amazing convenience, they are also beautifully precision crafted with sophisticated design that extends to the smallest detail. The panel heights and display designs for all Series 8 products are consistent across the entire range so you can match your oven with other appliances with complete harmony.

Heating Modes.

Other features.

4D Hotair
Thanks to 4D Hotair, you can place your food on any shelf level from one to four and the results will be consistently perfect. Our new fan wheel makes it possible: it changes the direction of rotation during operation to distribute heat evenly on every level. And that's not all: with 4D Hotair, you can also bake and roast on up to four different levels simultaneously. For reliable results from top to bottom.

Hotair Eco
Hotair Eco is our improved version of convection, the heating mode most commonly used in homes. Thanks to special temperature controls, your oven is never a single degree hotter than necessary and uses up to 30 per cent less energy. This makes our ovens great for precision cooking on a single baking level – ideal for cakes, casseroles, meat dishes, frozen foods, and much more.

Top and bottom heat Eco
In addition to classic top and bottom heat, Series 8 ovens feature a new eco-friendly mode for extremely efficient operation. Prepare perfect sponges, pound cakes, delicate pastries, bread and rolls while saving valuable energy.

Our desiccation heating mode is a healthy alternative to buying dried fruit from the supermarket. Whether you want dried apples for muesli or dried tomatoes for antipasti – your oven has it covered. You'll taste the difference – and can be sure that additives such as sulphur dioxide never reach your plate.

Steam Functions.

Other features.

Steam function.
The steam function automatically adds a constant flow of moisture when the oven is in one of the classic heating modes. The result: your roasts are juicy on the inside and beautifully crisp on the outside, and your bread crusts are perfectly browned. Ovens featuring this function can also be used to steam vegetables and fish.

Added steam function.
When you cook using one of our classic heating modes, dishes turn out even better if you add a little bit of moisture from time to time. And that's exactly what our added steam function does. Whether you're reheating dishes, proofing dough, baking or roasting, you can simply set the oven to automatically add steam, or you can add steam manually and regulate its intensity.

Dishes are gently heated in 90-95°C steam and taste as delicious as if they had been cooked fresh. Reheating even keeps meat wonderfully crisp, so your holiday roast will taste great long after the festive season is over.


Other features.

Ready before you've even set the table.

Today's busy schedules don't leave enough time for cooking. Series 8 ovens with integrated microwave function will allow you to find time to make any dish. Whether you want to roast, bake or just heat something up - the smart combination of classic heating and the microwave function helps you achieve perfect results in minutes. It's almost twice as fast, saves energy, and retains the full flavour.


Other features.

EcoClean Direct.
While the oven bakes or roasts, the special direct coating of microfine ceramic particles on its interior walls absorbs grease and residue and breaks them down through oxidation. All you need to do is wipe the bottom and inside of the glass door. The direct coating also regenerates every time you heat the oven, and continues to do so for the entire service life of the appliance. To remove substantial residues, simply activate the EcoClean Direct cleaning programme.

Pyrolytic cleaning
When you activate the pyrolytic cleaning function, the oven heats up to 465°C and burns off any burned-on grease and food residue. All that's left is a little ash that you can easily remove with a paper towel. Depending on the degree of residue that has accumulated, select one of three different cleaning programmes and press "Start" – your oven will do the rest for you. And because the baking trays, racks and shelf rails are all pyrolytic-proof, you can leave them in the oven during cleaning.



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