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Removing Washing Machine odours

Remove odours from washing machine

Follow these tips to effectively identify and remove any odour in the washing machine

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How to remove odors from washing machine?

Several problems can cause unpleasant odors in the washing machine or clothes.
Here are some tips for a new machine that breathes fresh.

Some users may have problems with odors from their washing machine or present on their machine. Mold can also form in the tank for detergent residues and may appear on the door seal. Some people may find traces like soot on clothes after washing.

These problems can be caused by:

-Regular use of an insufficient amount of detergent.
-The use of a detergent that does not contain bleach as liquids or powders intended for colored clothes.
-The systematic use of washing programs at low temperatures - below 60 ° C.
-Regular washing of heavily soiled.
-Not wiping the door seal after using the washing machine.
-Not leaving the door and detergent tray open to circulate the air after washing.

During washing
These usage patterns allow bacteria to proliferate in the unit, causing odors and deposits in the washing machine or laundry. To avoid these problems, make sure you use the correct amount of detergent for washing conditions, taking into account the level of dirt, water hardness and weight of the laundry in the machine. A guide to dosage is present on all packaging of detergents.
A good practice is to perform a maintenance wash at 90 ° C once a fortnight (depending on usage) vacuum using a powder containing bleach.

After washing
After each wash, once the machine removed from the machine, leave the washing machine door and detergent tray open for some time to allow the air to circulate inside the unit. It is also advisable to wipe the door seal. If mold forms in the tank for detergent, clean.
The area above the tank may also have mold and should also be cleaned using a brush with a long handle dishes. If the holes are clogged jets, use a toothpick to clean.
After completing these tasks, do a maintenance wash at 90 degrees. If these measures do not eliminate odors, you may have a problem with your system, wastewater is then a plumber should be called.


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