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Who cleans the condenser at our house? The dryer, of course.
  • ComfortControl Plus: everything under control at a glance.

    With the large plain text display, you can see and understand immediately how your dryer is working. Thanks to the intuitive user guidance, you'll find it particularly easy to operate too.

  • AntiVibration Design™: more stability and less vibration.

    The new side wall design is not just visually eye-catching. The structure ensures more stability and less vibration. Optimum insulation also regulates noise production, so that all our washing machines and dryers are particularly quiet, even on high-spin.

  • Full steam ahead against creasing and smells.

    With the Refresher function, you can remove creases and smells quickly from laundry that's hardly been worn. Choose the "Leisure" or "Business" programme, depending on the type of fabric. The gentle power of steam will do the rest. Your laundry will be perfectly refreshed, without the need for a separate wash.

Who cleans the condenser at our house? The dryer, of course.

This is the kind of economy we all need. Our tumble dryers are not only amongst the most efficient in the world – they stay that way too. Because the patented SelfCleaning Condenser™ cleans itself automatically up to four times per drying process using condensation water. For you that means maximum efficiency for the entire working life of the machine – and you'll never need to bother about the condenser again.

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For those who want to dry particularly economically.

For those who want to dry particularly economically.

Our heat pump dryers don't heat the air using heating rods, like conventional dryers, but use a heat pump instead. This uses the hot waste air, and thus most of the energy for the next drying process. So you can always be energy-efficient when it comes to drying.

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With our condenser tumble dryers, there's no need for a hole in the wall.

With our condenser tumble dryers, there's no need for a hole in the wall.

Our condenser tumble dryers are not only economical to use. The only thing they need to start working is a socket. They don't have the typical air extractor hose to the outside, since the moisture extracted from the washing is collected in a container.

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 For faster drying: a vented tumble dryer.

For faster drying: a vented tumble dryer.

In a vented dryer, your washing dries particularly fast, and to just the right level of dryness thanks to our ingenious programmes. The damp air simply reaches the outside through an air extractor hose.

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Now your clothes will outlast any fashion trends.

Now your clothes will outlast any fashion trends.

A down-filled jacket needs to be dried differently from a pair of denims. With gently warm air, lots of ingenious special programmes and our fabric-protecting drum structure, our tumble dryers always provide the best care for every item of laundry, whatever its needs.

Model SeriesNo matter whether you need a reliable branded product that offers good value for money or professional washing results at home: With our dryers, from the Series 2 Classixx through to the HomeProfessional range, you're guaranteed to find the right model to suit your needs..

Serie | 2 ClassixxSerie | 4 MaxxSerie | 6 AvantixxSerie | 8 LogixxHomeProfessional
100% Bosch quality at a good price.Adapts to the needs of your everyday family life.Great performance combined with low consumption.Superb performance and outstanding design.The best dryers ever made by Bosch.
Condenser dryers
Vented dryers
Vented dryersCondenser dryersHeat pump dryersHeat pump dryers
Always the latest innovations
Outstanding design
Easy to operate thanks to the large display
Self-cleaning condenser*
*with heat pump dryers
Fast, quiet yet energy-saving
Programmes specially developed for allergy-sufferers
Fabric protection thanks to the unique drum structure.


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  • ActiveSteam Technology Dryers with ActiveSteam Technology reduce creasing by adding evaporation after the clothes have been dried. With ActiveSteam you can also easily revitalise clothes and reduce creasing in dry items of clothing.
  • Wool basket
    Wool basket Wool pullovers can be looped loosely around the wool basked, which is then suspended in the dryer, making felting and shrinking a thing of the past. The wool basket also produces a time saving of up to 75% and in addition can be used for sports shoes with synthetic uppers, which can simply be placed into the basket.
    Wool basket


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  • SelfCleaning Condenser
    SelfCleaning Condenser The maintenance-free, SelfCleaning Condenser is easy to use and spares you tedious cleaning. Thanks to this innovation, the condenser is cleaned automatically, up to four times during the drying process. Bosch’s heatpump dryers dry particularly economically for the life of the appliance, with the dryer operating at full capacity.
    SelfCleaning Condenser
  • ExtraShort 30
    ExtraShort 30 With the special ExtraShort 30 time programme, you can dry up to 2 kg of washing quickly and efficiently, and incredibly gently as well, of course. This programme is designed for use with the ExtraShort 15 washing programme, which means that your laundry is washed and dried in less than an hour.
    ExtraShort 30


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