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  • LowFrost: Reduces ice formation and saves time.

    LowFrost saves you lots of work by really reducing ice formation, which means our fridge-freezers have to be defrosted much less often.

  • HydroFresh Box: Always the ideal climate for fruit and vegetables.

    Fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer at lower temperatures and higher humidity. This is exactly the climate we've created for fresh food in our HydroFresh Box. The humidity can be adjusted with a sliding control to suit the type and quantity of fruit and vegetables stored. So you can enjoy fresh, crisp, healthy fruit and vegetables for up to twice as long.

  • BigBox frozen food drawer: More space for even more enjoyment.

    Sometimes things get tight when there's a party coming up. Even in the freezer. That's why we've developed the BigBox frozen food drawer to make sure that you can easily find room for your celebratory goose or birthday gateau. You can also stack tall freezer boxes or pizzas clearly here too.

  • Get your fridge to save energy when you're on holiday.

    Thanks to the Holiday mode, you can go away with a clear conscience. Once you've activated the function, the temperature stays at a steady recommended +14°C, or -18°C in the freezer. So frozen food is always properly protected and no energy is wasted in the fridge area.

With Bosch, pleasure starts
when you open the fridge door.

When a Bosch fridge door reliably closes quietly and perfectly for years, it's no accident. It's because we've already tested it in advance 200,000 times. After all, nothing leaves our factory that doesn't fully come up to our high standards. This is how we create the quality that's typical of Bosch, on which you can rely day after day.

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Refrigerators with the freezer at the bottom: fresh at the top, ice-cold at the bottom.

Refrigerators with the freezer at the bottom: fresh at the top, ice-cold at the bottom.

With these refrigerators the cooling section is straight in front of you, at eye level. You can remove chilled food without bending down. The lower part contains a spacious freezer section.

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Fridge with eye-level freezer section: Remove food easily without bending.

Fridge with eye-level freezer section: Remove food easily without bending.

If you need to take food from the freezer fairly often, we recommend a fridge-freezer with the freezer at the top. That means that the freezer section is always conveniently at eye level. 

To all refrigerators with freezer at the top
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Our refrigerators: You can't store food fresher than this.

Our refrigerators: You can't store food fresher than this.

Different foods need different storage conditions: Fish, meat and dairy products are best stored in dry conditions with a low humidity level. Fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, need a high humidity level to stop them drying out. The innovative stay-fresh systems in our Bosch refrigerators provide the best cooling technology for each type of food. So you can be certain that your vegetables will stay fresh for up to three times longer.

Model SeriesIf you're looking for a fridge-freezer to meet the needs of your everyday family life and yet still want to maintain the highest standards of design and performance, you're guaranteed to find the right solution with our Series 4 to Series 8 models.

Serie | 2Serie | 4Serie | 6Serie | 8
A long-lasting quality product at a good price.Designed to meet the needs of your everyday family life.High-quality details and low energy consumption.For the highest standards of performance and design.
Top-freezer refrigeratorsTop-freezer refrigerators
Bottom-freezer refrigerators
Bottom-freezer refrigeratorsBottom-freezer refrigerators
A wide range of unusual designs
Vitamins are retained for longer and vegetables stay fresh longer
Easy to use
Low energy consumption
Clearly laid out


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  • LowFrost LowFrost saves you lots of work by considerably reducing ice formation. Fridge-freezers need defrosting much less often and energy consumption remains constant. And when you do need to defrost, we have the right solution for you: a practical vent at the base of the appliance means that this is quick and easy too.
  • 2 separate cooling circuits
    2 separate cooling circuits In appliances with separate cooling circuits, the chilling and freezer sections can be controlled separately. Easy-to-use electronic controls allow you to adjust the temperatures individually.
    2 separate cooling circuits


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  • EasyLift glass shelves and door bins
    EasyLift glass shelves and door bins The EasyLift glass shelves can be height-adjusted by up to 6 cm. Items don't even need to be removed. And if you need more space upwards in the door, the height of the EasyLift door bin is infinitely variable by up to 40 cm, even when it's fully loaded.
    EasyLift glass shelves and door bins
  • VarioShelf The divided VarioShelf in safety glass can be effortlessly adjusted for putting items into the fridge and removing them. It is ideal for larger articles like upright bottles or bowls, and gives you complete flexibility when you need more space. The other half of the shelf smoothly slides under the first and is thus particularly convenient.


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  • HydroFresh The Bosch HydroFresh Box was specially developed for fruit and vegetables and keeps these food items fresh up to twice as long – moisture, vitamins and the flavour of fruit and vegetables are preserved for much longer. Thanks to the perfect sealing on the HydroFresh drawer, humidity levels are maintained and can be adjusted via the slide control depending on the type and quantity of food stored. A ripple-effect base additionally protects the food stored in the drawer from condensed water.
  • VitaFresh Innovative VitaFresh cooling technology keeps food fresh for up to three times longer. Within the VitaFresh section, there are two air humidity zones: The dry VitaFresh Zone is perfect for storing sausage, cheese, meat and fish. The moist VitaFresh Zone provides the perfect environment for fruit and vegetables and ensures that freshness, flavour and nutritional value are retained for longer.
How do you achieve optimum energy efficiency with a fridge-freezer?
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Make sure that there is enough space for ventilation underneath and at the back of your fridge-freezer. This will keep the power requirement down.

What should I check in particular when installing the fridge-freezer?
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The floor on which your fridge-freezer stands must be level. In this way, you can ensure that it is installed horizontally and the door always closes perfectly.

What are the options for small recesses?
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If your recess is too small to meet your needs, you can replace your old built-in appliance with a free-standing one. You can fit a steam oven and warming drawer into the cleared recess, or simply use it for additional storage.

What is the difference between integrated appliances and appliances with a decor panel?
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The standard unit front made by your kitchen manufacturer is attached to an integrated appliance. With appliances with a decor panel, a decor panel matching your unit fronts can be slipped into a panel frame.

What are the options when it comes to door technology?
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Slider-type hinge
With slider-type hinges, the unit front is fixed to the appliance door with a sliding connection.

All-in-one hinge
With an all-in-one hinge, the unit front and the appliance door are solidly connected. This means that the opening angle is wider and that the hinge can take heavier loads.

All-in-one hinge with professional door buffer.
A soft insert can be added to the all-in-one hinge technology.
The slider-type hinge can be replaced with a modern all-in-one hinge when the appliance is changed.

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Perfect results, sophisticated design. Bosch built-in appliances for your dream kitchen.

Perfect results, sophisticated design. Bosch built-in appliances for your dream kitchen.

To make sure your kitchen becomes a real dream kitchen, we offer not only fridges and freezers but also built-in dishwashers and perfectly integrated built-in cooking and baking appliances. All of our home appliances combine timeless, sophisticated design with superb technical quality and maximum efficiency, durability and convenience.

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To the built-in dishwashers


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