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Maintaining a Safe Kitchen

Maintaining a Safe Kitchen

Bosch offers 5 tips to avoid accidents at home with children in the kitchen

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Maintaining a safe kitchen

A clutter free kitchen:

1When you cook food, do it preferably on the plates further behind. Thus, children will be less likely to be in contact with the pans
2If you intend to buy a new cooktop, consider an induction cooktop. It has the great advantage that once turned off, the cooking area becomes cold almost instantly. In addition, if you do not place the pan over the area does not emit heat

A child-safe cooktop:

1If you intend to buy a new furnace, consider buying one with child safety. Virtually all Bosch ovens are equipped by default
2In addition, double plate glass doors in front of the oven ensure children can safely take a look at the cookies they are baking without posing a threat to their safety

Storage of hazardous fluids:

1Most people store their cleaning products in the cupboard under the sink. However, with small children at home, it is not prudent. Store hazardous fluid in a cabinet with a lock (or located in height), so that children cannot access it

Safe taps make for safe water habits:

1If children can serve themselves from the tap, make sure that if you have a kitchen faucet with a handle, it is set by default on the cold water.
2If you have two-handle faucets, you can put an identification mark on the cold water tap for the child recognizes and opens easily under hot water

Safe handling of kitchen tools:

1Close the drawer, so that your children do not have access to forks, knives, scissors, matches and lighter
2After usage, put the dangerous utensils directly in the dishwasher, sink or drawer


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