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Find the perfect Bosch Food Preparation Machine

Unleash your inner chef! Pick from the ideal Bosch food preparation machine matched to your unique culinary aspirations. Our machines do the following:

  • Kitchen Machine: Heavy duty machines that can help bake cakes, prepare bread dough and battering, as well as to blend and process foods.
  • Food Processor: Can chop, julienne, pulverize, mash or split foods. Suitable for non-liquid heavier foods (eg mashing of potatoes or beans). Multi-tasking machines.
  • Hand Blender: Pulp, whip, and liquidize food conveniently in small quantities for quick and easy meals (eg mushroom soup).
  • Blender: Pulp, whip and liquidize foods in larger quantities (eg fruit smoothies).

Answer the following questions

1) How much experience do you have in cooking and baking?

2) How often do you whip up a feast?

3) How important is preparing restaurant/gourmet quality food for you?

4) How many family members or friends do you normally prepare food/drinks for?

5) More powerful machines (higher wattage) gives you better performance,
thus saving time. How important is this to you?

6) Is design an important consideration for your home or lifestyle?

7) Are you willing to invest in superior performance and design?

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