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Better Use of Microwave Overn

Better use of your microwave

Discover 5 tips for better use of your microwave

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5 tips for better use of your microwave

1Never use metal cutlery or dishes in the microwave.
In contrast, flat thick glass or Tupperware containers are ideal.
Often, the bottom of a container also indicates if it is microwave-safe.
It is important to always cover food with a lid or a movie microwave to heat food evenly.
2For defrosting in the microwave, it is best to break food into small portions to ensure uniform heating. Besides, the smaller the portions are, the sooner they will be ready.
3Ensure that all the pieces are more or less of the same thickness so that all foods are cooked consistently.
4Cooking in the microwave is quick and low in calories.
However, do not neglect the appearance of the food.
Sprinkle spices, herbs, nuts, cheese or crushed cornflakes on meat, poultry or puree for a tasty crust.
5Microwave can also preheat the plates easily.
Rinse the plates and leave it in a little water. Stack the plates and put them in the microwave for one minutes. Dry them and garnish.


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