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5 tips for a clean fridge

5 Tips for a Clean Fridge

Good hygiene is a must where food storage is concerned.

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5 tips for a perfectly clean refrigerator

If there is a device in the kitchen that deserves your attention, it is your refrigerator.
Good hygiene is a must for food safety. We give you 5 tips to clean your refrigerator.

1Remove all products and accessories: shelves, bins and trays.
Prepare a bucket of hot water with a bit of cleaner all and / or soda to clean the refrigerator.
Do not use corrosive chemicals.
2Dust the refrigerator with a vacuum cleaner once a year.
3Use a cotton swab for the places which are hard to reach, such as the holders on the rear wall of the refrigerator. Do not use sharp objects to avoid leaks.
4Sprinkle rubber seals with lime powder to keep them in good condition to ensure the refrigierator door closes better. If the door opens after the cleaning process, try to dry the rubber seals carefully with a hair dryer.
5Do not buy expensive deodorants to fight against bad odors in the refrigerator.
A natural deodorant is preferred such as a slice of white bread, vanilla pod, a dry tea bag or a container of baking powder.
Place the home remedy in the refrigerator to absorb odors.


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