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Descaling Tablets

Product Features

  • Easy to use tablet form
  • Keeps machine operating at highest standard
  • Extend machine life
  • Just 1 dose for every 400 cups
  • Made in Germany

[reference only]

  • Removes timescale quickly and effectively and protects your appliance from harmful deposits
  • Easy to dose
  • Improves lifetime and performance
  • Used for coffee machines, kettles and hot water dispensers
  • After 250 cups or every 2 weeks

How To Use

Coffee Machines with a Descaling Programme

1. Dissolve

Dissolve 2 tablets in half a litre of lukewarm water.

2. Pour

After 5 minutes, pour the solution into the machine’s water tank.

3. Follow Machine's Descaling Instructions

Refer to your appliance’s instructions to activate the descaling programme.

Coffee Machines without a Descaling Programme (and Kettles)

Important : Always refer to appliances instruction manual.

1. Dissolve

Dissolve 1 tablet in half a litre of lukewarm water

Tip: Use 2 tablets for a more concentrated effect.

2. Pour

After 5 minutes, pour the solution into the water tank

3. Turn On

Turn the machine on so the water is heated.

Tip: Solution may froth, take care it does not overlow.

4. Rinse

After descaling, rinse 3 times with clean water to complete your descaling!

Fast Facts

Package Unit : 1 Unit

Contents : 6 tablets per pack(good for 3 - 6 treatments)

Product Code : 311556

Because scales belong on fishes, not coffee machines.

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Customer Reviews

'Very Effective'

by JayB | 06/07/2016


I have a Bosch water dispenser which gives ambient plus various levels of hot water(including a filter if required) which is excellent. I live in a hard water area so water scale is a problem plus the water has a bit of an unpleasant taste (my opinion) which gets worse when the water is boiled and the dispenser with filter removes these issues so when the descaler light came on I bought and used the recommended Bosch De-scaler tablets for the machine. They worked perfectly so naturally when I ran out I had no hesitation in purchasing more. I never even considered using anything else. In my opinion they do and excellent job and wouldn't use anything else.


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