Exclusive to MUM5 / OptiMUM Kitchen Machines & Series 8 Ovens

Unleash your culinary creativity with Bosch

Exclusive to OptiMUM / MUM5 Kitchen Machines & Series 8 Ovens

With purchase of any OptiMUM / MUM 5 kitchen machines and Series 8 ovens, you will be entitled to a free cooking class

How to sign up?

Select your preferred date and register by clicking ‘Book Now’. Confirmed attendees will receive an e-mail acknowledgement.


UnserHaus Experience Centre, 11 Bishan St 21 #04-02, Opposite Marymount Station, Exit B


Call us at 6356 1080 (dial 0 to Experience Centre) or email to BoschCPCookclass@bshg.com

Class Schedule:

Menu Date Chef Day Time Reservation
1. Nasi Lemak Coconut Infused Rice
2. Ayam Goreng
3. Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang
13th July John Sawarto Saturday 10am – 12pm Full
1.Steam Otak Otak
2.Pan-fried Fish with Aromatic Crispy Ginger in Light Sweet Sauce
3.Steam Rice
27th July Tinoq Russell Goh Saturday 10am – 12pm Book Now
1. Fragrant Satay Roasted Chicken
2. Dry Fried Mee Siam
6th August Tinoq Russell Goh Tuesday 10am – 12pm Book Now
1. Spiced Garlic Bread Rolls 2. Baked Lemongrass & Ginger meatballs
3. Roast Chicken
17th August Diana Gale Saturday 10am – 12pm Book Now
1. Chicken Biryani
2. Home-made Achar
23rd August Tinoq Russell Goh Friday 10am – 12pm Book Now