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Types of tap connections
Note: White tape is compulsory for all water connection faucet to prevent water leakage.Tape the white tape around the thread of the tap before connecting the connector.
Ensuring sufficient ventilation
  • Maintain a min. distance of 50mm between the wall and the washer.
  • Do not install the water tap, drainage pipe and power point behind the washer.
Before Installation Step 1
Removing the transport locks
  • Before using the appliance for the first time, make sure that you completely remove all four transport bolts.
  • To prevent transport damage from occurring if the appliance is moved at a later date, you must refit the transport locks.
Step 1
  • Take the hoses out of the holders
Step 2
  • Unscrew and remove all four transport brace screws using a WA17 wrench.
  • Remove the sleeves. To do this, remove the mains cable from the holders.
Step 3
  • Fit the covers. Lock the covers firmly in place by applying pressure to the snap-in hooks.
Before Installation Step 2

Level the appliance using a spirit level. Incorrect leveling may result in intense noise, vibrations and "wandering".
  1. Loosen the lock nuts using a WA17 wrench, by turning it in a clockwise direction.
  2. Check the alignment of the washing machine with a spirit level, and adjust it if necessary. Change the height by turning the appliance feet. All four appliance feet must stand firmly on the ground.
  3. Hold the foot tightly and do not adjust its height. Tighten the lock nuts on all four appliance feet against the housing.
Preparing the unit for Installation
Tip - The following are available from customer service:
  • An extension for Aqua-Stop or cold water supply hose (approx. 2.50m) if available.
  • A longer supply hose (approx. 2.20m) for standard model
Water Drainage

Water can be discharged via a siphon, sink, stand pipe or gully. Here are some tips to take note of when draining water using the following methods.
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