Steam Ovens

Preparing the unit for installation
  • It is highly recommended that the cabinet units of the appliance is heat-resistance up to 90°C and adjacent cabinets up to 70°C
  • Some models of oven may require 15A or 20A single phase power supply. Ensure the requirement is fulfilled and the electricity connection of oven is performed by Registered Electrical Workers.
  • For best ergonomic result, it is highly recommended to install the appliance up to a height which allows trays and hot food to be easily and safely taken in and out.
  • For ventilation purpose, do not include a back panel for a cabinet
  • Cable Length: 1.2m (more than 3000watt does not come with plug)
  • AMP: Above 3500 not suitable for HDB
Preparing the unit for Ventilation
  • Ensure there is no backing panel behind the oven and minimum 20mm gap must be provided.
  • Recommended 100cm gap below the cabinet. Width of opening minimum 460mm.
min. 20mmmin. 100mm²
Power point for Ventilation
Ideal to have powerpoint in the cabinet next to oven niche, however, if it is not possible, have it directly behind the oven.
  • In case of the need to have backing as a support frame work, here must have at least a 200mm x 400mm opening here for air ventilation.
  • To install wire netting to prevent foreign matters dropping into cabinet.
  • Minimum 5mm gap must be provided between oven / steam oven fascia panel and cabinet for top and side.
  • Install the appliance only under continuous worktops which has been screwed to adjacent cabinets to ensure stability.
  • If the appliance is installed under a hob, please reserve at least 30mm gap between the hob and oven, or according to the minimum ventilation gap required by the hob installation manual, follow whichever is higher.
  • The power socket for the appliance must either be located in the hatched area A or else away from the installation space.
  • The appliance is 7mm taller than the IC5 equivalent. (HBG23B550, HBG43S450, HBG56B550, HBN331E2J)
  • For corner installation, check minimum clearances. Ensure that there is sufficient clearance A for the fron panel and its handles. Check that the appliance door can be opened properly.
  • Recommended 100cm2 at base of cabinet and 45mm behind appliances throughout. No back panel behind appliances.
  • Intermediate flooring is required when 2 appliances are on top of the other, except when appliance is installed above warming drawer.
Installation in certain situations