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Relaxx'x ProSilence

3 reasons to go bagless:

  1. Zero maintenance costs
    Say goodbye to extra costs with no dust bags or filters to replace.
  2. Environmentally friendly
    Reduce your carbon footprint with no bags to dispose.
  3. Convenience
    You'll never hunt for dust bags again.
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The Quietest Bagless Vacuum.

The amazing new benchmark in super-silent vacuum cleaners - the Relaxx'x ProSilence delivers class-leading dust pick-up but operates at an incredibly quiet 66dB(A). You can now vacuum while your little ones sleep or while you enjoy your favourite music or chat with your loved ones. Superior cleaning yet whisper quiet.

The Quietest Operation for the Most Peaceful Clean.

Say goodbye to noisy vacuuming with the Relaxx'x ProSilence. Experience amazingly peaceful cleaning thanks to SilenceSound - a comprehensive package of sound reducing innovations that combine to deliver amazing dust pick-up at a whisper-quiet 66dB(A).

Silent airflow with sound reducer: Reduced air noise

Innovative SilentClean premium nozzle:
Perfect cleaning results

Sound controlled motor:
Minimal motor vibrations

Did You Know?

A few decibels can make the difference between pleasant, loud and harmful. The Relaxx'x ProSilence operates at less than the volume of a group conversation or even the calming sound of the sea so you can enjoy your favourite music or tv programme, have a pleasant conversation or let your baby rest while you vacuum.

Minimize Maintenance with Intelligent SensorBagless?

The Relaxx'x ProSilence is equipped with integrated sensors that monitor cleaning performance so you know your vacuum is performing at its best. Sensorbagless? alerts you when performance drops and filter cleaning is required so you only wash the filters when it is necessary. The result is maximum performance with minimum maintenance throughout the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner.

Setting the New Standard for Dust Pick-up.

The Relaxx'x ProSilence features Quattropower which consists multiple breakthrough innovations to deliver exceptional cleaning performance.

Optimized seals
A new sealing system eliminates dust leakage so exhaust air is exceptionally clean and ideal for allergy sufferers.

High Performance Dust Separation
Improved airflow action separates even fine dust effectively and keeps it in the dust container where it belongs so the air that exits the vacuum is dust-free.

HiSpin motor
Reduce your utility bills while being environmentally-friendly with our new HiSpin motor which delivers outstanding performance with low energy consumption.

High-performance nozzle
Featuring a new design, the nozzle allows amazing pick-up dust from edge to edge and maximizes floor contact and airflow for efficient and thorough cleaning with reduced noise.


Equipped with Quattropower, Relaxx'x delivers impressive class-leading cleaning results at a fraction of average power consumption. Now you can enjoy maximum dust pick-up with reduced utility bills.

Dust Pickup Chart

EU Energy Label

With the EU Energy Label, consumers now have a reliable and objective guide to comparing the performance of various vacuum cleaners. The energy label measures the performance of vacuums in categories of energy efficiency, silent operation, dust re-emission and cleaning performance on hard floors and carpets against established EU benchmarks. The Relaxx'x ProSilence scores top ratings on the energy label.

Understanding the Energy Label

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