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Powerful, cordless and with the longest runtime.

Powerful, cordless and with the longest runtime.

Cordless and light with great dust pick-up and a runtime of up to 75 minutes - handsticks are perfect for a quick and easy clean.

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Optimal dust pick-up comparable to the Best.

Optimal dust pick-up comparable to the Best.

The Athlet delivers the cleaning perfomance of a 2400 watt vacuum*.

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Maximum flexibility.

Maximum flexibility.

Clean hard-to-reach areas with ease thanks to the Athlet's extremely flexible nozzle joint.

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Minimum maintenance.

Minimum maintenance.

Sensorbagless™ technology monitors performance and informs you when filter cleaning is necessary.

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Ultimate flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.

Ultimate flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.

The integrated detachable vacuum cleaner can be removed or reattached quickly and easily. This mean that you’ll always have the unit at hand whenever you need it. 

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*Dust pick-up in comparision to a 2400 watt vacuum cleaner from BOSCH (BGL32400AU) on carpet and hard floor with crevices. Tested according to EN 60312.



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  • Energy efficiency class A
    Energy efficiency class A The energy efficiency class describes the input power (wattage) of a vacuum cleaner. Decreasing input power (wattage) is the biggest lever for a good energy efficiency rating. The cleaning performance is hardly taken into consideration here. The challenge is to achieve both a good cleaning performance class and a good energy efficiency class. Thanks to the technical inventions, Bosch can achieve both.
    Energy efficiency class A


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  • Three-piece accessory set for rechargeable vacuum cleaners Everything included — three-piece accessory set for rechargeable hand-held vacuum cleaners: crevice nozzle, furniture brush and nozzle for liquids.
    Three-piece accessory set for rechargeable vacuum cleaners
  • Animal 360™ nozzle set
    Animal 360™ nozzle set Ideal for all pet owners — the Animal 360™ package with a complete set of powerful nozzles: turbo brush, hard floor nozzle and upholstery nozzle.
    Animal 360™ nozzle set
  • AirFlowControl System
    AirFlowControl System The AirFlowControl System ensures that air that is drawn in is fed back into the ambient air through the filter system, thus ensuring clean, pure air.
    AirFlowControl System
  • AllFloor HighPower Brush
    AllFloor HighPower Brush The motorised AllFloor HighPower Brush works at around 5000 revolutions per minute, meaning it achieves thorough cleaning results on all floor types,
    AllFloor HighPower Brush
  • Accessories
    Accessories Always at hand and ready when you need it. With the accessory set (crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle as well as furniture brush for specific variants) you easily get into those hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, the accessory set ensures excellent cleaning results on upholstery such as sofas and armchairs.
  • Innovative hard floor nozzle
    Innovative hard floor nozzle Thorough and gentle vacuuming thanks to the new duoSoft hard-floor nozzle with two rotating brush rollers. It doesn't simply push dirt along and is also suitable for carpets.
    Innovative hard floor nozzle
  • Light and compact.
    Light and compact. Compact design, low weight: easy to use and store thanks to its space-saving design.
    Light and compact.
  • DualFiltration
    DualFiltration Maximum flexibility, with or without bags — DualFiltration can vacuum in both ways: Use a dust container to reduce follow-up costs or a hygienic bag to keep contact with dust to a minimum.
  • EasyClean Thanks to its EasyClean System, the dust container can be removed in just one movement at the touch of a button and is so easy to clean as it does not have any corners in which dirt can accumulate.
  • EasyClean Brush
    EasyClean Brush The roller brush can be easily removed from the floor nozzle for cleaning.
    EasyClean Brush
  • Fabric suction hose Robust, flexible, extra-long and suitable for heavy duty use — fabric suction hose for added convenience and easy operation.
    Fabric suction hose
  • Hard floor nozzle
    Hard floor nozzle The ideal nozzle for parquet and delicate hard floors. Thanks to the soft bristles, it easily glides over the floor and picks up dust and dirt while offering a high level of floor protection.
    Hard floor nozzle
  • EasyFollow
    EasyFollow The EasyFollow System ensures perfect manoeuvrability in any situation and on any floor. This is made possible thanks to a robust fabric suction hose with 360° ball joint.
  • Athlet accessory kit
    Athlet accessory kit The kit includes a plug-in adapter with hose, shoulder strap, upholstery nozzle and crevice nozzle, making it ideal for cleaning upholstery and fiddly corners.
    Athlet accessory kit
  • Professional set Vacuuming is quicker, more efficient and much more convenient with this professional accessory set. The extra-long crevice nozzle makes cleaning hard-to-reach places and narrow spaces easier than ever before. The extra-wide upholstery nozzle proves its superior quality when cleaning upholstered furniture. Comes partly also with drilling nozzle or furniture brush.
    Professional set
  • ProAnimal
    ProAnimal Removes animal hair from all floors and upholstery quickly, thoroughly, gently and hygienically. Special filter systems produce fresh, pure exhaust air.
  • 10 m operating radius.
    10 m operating radius. High degree of flexibility and convenient vacuuming thanks to long cable for 10 m operating radius. Fewer socket changes.
    10 m operating radius.
  • Home Professional Added perfection and convenience — Bosch professional quality. Metal rollers, stainless steel telescopic tube and robust fabric suction hose for a higher level of performance and a long service life.
    Home Professional
  • 11 m operating radius
    11 m operating radius High degree of flexibility and convenient vacuuming thanks to long cable for 11 m operating radius. Fewer socket changes.
    11 m operating radius
  • 12 m operating radius.
    12 m operating radius. High degree of flexibility and convenient vacuuming thanks to long cable for 12 m operating radius. Fewer socket changes.
    12 m operating radius.
  • 14 m operating radius
    14 m operating radius Also suitable for larger tasks with its extra-long cable and 14 m operating radius. More convenient vacuuming uninterrupted by frequent socket changes.
    14 m operating radius
  • 15 m operating radius
    15 m operating radius Lots of freedom of movement and a high degree of flexibility when vacuuming thanks to an extra-long cable and sensational 15 m operating radius. It could not be more convenient and practical. Fewer socket changes.
    15 m operating radius
  • 13 m operating radius
    13 m operating radius Plenty of cable for efficient, fast and convenient vacuuming. The long cable allows for an operating radius of 13 m so you don't have to change the socket as often.
    13 m operating radius
  • RotationClean Clean the filter without coming into contact with dust — the integrated RotationClean System makes cleaning a breeze.
  • SelfClean A built-in sensor continuously monitors the performance of the vacuum cleaner. When necessary, this sensor automatically activates the innovative automatic self-cleaning system. The vacuum cleaner is then restored to its optimum performance level. And for many years to come.
  • SensorBagless™ Technology
    SensorBagless™ Technology A sensor continuously monitors the cleaning performance of the vacuum cleaner. The appliance always vacuums at the optimum performance level and reduces the amount of cleaning required to a minimum as a result.
    SensorBagless™ Technology
  • SuperSilent
    SuperSilent Very quiet vacuuming with extremely thorough cleaning performance thanks to SilenceSound System . The entire appliance concept—from the nozzle to the exhaust air —has been optimised to ensure low noise.
  • Turbo brush
    Turbo brush Simultaneous vacuuming and brushing with the turbo brush extra-tourough cleans all kinds of fibers, threads and pet hair from carpeted floors. The special brush adapts perfectly to
    Turbo brush
  • SilenceSound System™
    SilenceSound System™ SilenceSound System™: innovative sound-proofing materials, motor suspension, air routes designed for optimum air flow and noise-reduction accessories for an extremely low level of operating noise.
    SilenceSound System™
  • Ultra-light
    Ultra-light For particularly easy operation.
  • Wet&Dry
    Wet&Dry Wet&Dry makes short work of any kind of dirt — it removes both wet and dry dirt quickly and thoroughly.
  • XXL upholstery nozzle
    XXL upholstery nozzle The XXL upholstery nozzle makes light work of even the most difficult tasks. With a cleaning width of 185 mm, it is ideal for rapid cleaning of upholstered furniture and removal of hair. It picks up more dust than regular upholstery nozzles in a shorter time.
    XXL upholstery nozzle
  • ProAnimal Accessory set ProAnimal Accessory Kit: consisting of additional, short handle, attachable adapter with hose and shoulder strap, upholtstery, crevice and car seat nozzle - ideal for cleaning of upholstery, crevices and hard to reach spots.
    ProAnimal Accessory set
  • Extra-long XXL hose Ideal for vacuuming stairs, car interior and hard to reach spots
    Extra-long XXL hose
  • XXL dust bag volume
    XXL dust bag volume The extra-large XXL volume dust bag reduces tedious dust bag changes and minimizes follow-up costs as a result. For extra-long, convenient vacuuming.
    XXL dust bag volume


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  • CompressorTechnology
    CompressorTechnology Innovative motor technology with aerodynamic fan wheels and perfectly calibrated air duct ensures constant, thorough cleaning performance and low power consumption.
  • Class A Performance Hardfloor
    Class A Performance Hardfloor The hard floor cleaning performance class measures the dust pick-up on hard floors with crevices and joints. The better the hard floor cleaning performance class, the more thorough the in-depth cleaning results of floors with crevices and gaps like tiles and floor boards.
    Class A Performance Hardfloor
  • HighPower Airflow System. Thoroughly clean. Thanks to the efficient separation technology together with a particularly high level of air flow, the dust is removed effectively from the air. In combination with the motorised HighPower Brush, this ensures thorough cleaning results.
    HighPower Airflow System. Thoroughly clean.
  • HomeProfessional The HomeProfessional floor model vacuum cleaner is characterised by innovative technology, top-quality materials, an extremely long service life, easy-to-use features and an unmistakeable design. The cleaning results are comparable with those you would expect from professional appliances.
  • HiSpin Motor
    HiSpin Motor Technical invention by Bosch: the new energy efficient HiSpin Motor ensures a thorough cleaning performance with extremely low power consumption thanks to optimized aerodynamic fan blade wheels.
    HiSpin Motor
  • Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology
    Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology has proven itself in Bosch Power Tools and E-Bikes, and is synonymous with high performance and long service life of the rechargeable batteries.
    Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology
  • LongLife Compressor motor
    LongLife Compressor motor With its aerodynamic fan wheels, the powerful LongLife Compressor motor
    LongLife Compressor motor
  • Nickel-Metallhydrid Akku
    Nickel-Metallhydrid Akku Environmentally friendly rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
    Nickel-Metallhydrid Akku
  • PowerProtect System
    PowerProtect System The PowerProtect System ensures long-lasting cleaning performance, even when the bag fills up. Through this, the new PowerProtect Dustbag can unfold optimally and has a higher dust pick-up capacity thanks to the multi-layered hi-tech filter material.
    PowerProtect System
  • QuattroPower System
    QuattroPower System The QuattroPower System is Bosch’s high performance technology for outstanding cleaning results with low energy consumption. This highly efficient system is based on the unique combination of HiSpin Motor, High Performance nozzle, optimized air seals and efficient dust separation system.
    QuattroPower System
  • Performance control Cleaning performance can be easily adjusted using electronic performance control. Can be easily operated by foot, thus preventing damage to your back.
    Performance control
  • RobustAir™ system All components that are crucial for the performance of a bagless vacuum cleaner system have been perfectly harmonised — from the air routes and materials to the fully automatic self-cleaning system. This enables these appliances to handle even particularly demanding scenarios such as fine dust or coarse dirt.
    RobustAir™ system
  • Runtime 10
    Runtime 10 Operating time up to 10 minutes.
    Runtime 10
  • Runtime 15
    Runtime 15 Operating time up to 15 minutes.
    Runtime 15
  • Runtime 17
    Runtime 17 Operating time up to 17 minutes.
    Runtime 17
  • Runtime 20
    Runtime 20 Operating time up to 20 minutes.
    Runtime 20
  • Runtime 40
    Runtime 40 Three power levels and long-lasting, high-performance Bosch
    Runtime 40
  • Runtime 75
    Runtime 75 Three power levels and long-lasting, high-performance Bosch lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for up to 75 minutes continuous vacuuming.
    Runtime 75
  • Class B Performance Carpet
    Class B Performance Carpet The carpet cleaning performance class measures the dust pick-up on carpets. A higher dust pick-up leads from basic surface cleaning to solid deep cleaning results. Carpet cleaning performance classes A and B stand for the best cleaning performance that Bosch has ever achieved.
    Class B Performance Carpet


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  • BionicFilter
    BionicFilter More than just a filter — the innovative Bionic Filter ensures that unpleasant odours are broken down the natural way. The exhaust air is naturally fresh and efficiently filtered thanks to the hygienic filter system.
  • GORE™ CLEANSTREAM® filters. High-tech for high performance. Ingenious high-tech solution: The large surface area of the GORE™ CLEANSTREAM® filter with unique GORE™ membrane technology ensures that dust cannot penetrate and permanently block the filter.
    GORE™ CLEANSTREAM® filters. High-tech for high performance.
  • HEPA filter
    HEPA filter The innovative and efficient HEPA hygienic filter produces exhaust air that is cleaner than normal indoor air. So fresh and pure that it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.
    HEPA filter


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