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Powerful juice extractor works on whole fruits without the need for pre-cutting: quick and easy to use

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Extra-large filling tube for fruit (whole apples) and vegetables — no pre-cutting necessary

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Extremely safe: Motor only runs if the appliance is assembled correctly with the lid closed

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Practical with two speeds for hard and soft fruit

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Stainless steel microsieve for optimum juice extraction

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Easy to clean: All the parts are dishwasher-proof

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  • Product features

    • High power heavy duty motor: 700 watts
    • Large filling tube for whole fruits - no precutting necessary
    • Stainless steel micro filter basket for best juice extraction
    • Juice outlet and housing made of stainless steel for high endurance
    • Aluminium die cast clamp: High tightening force – no leakage
    • Active Motor Management: Juicer only works when all parts are properly assembled - no risk of injury, no risk of splashing
    • Universal use for different types of fruit and vegetable
    • Two speed settings for hard and soft fruit
    • Easy to clean: All parts are dishwasher safe
    • Rubber feet provide high stability
    • Automatic pulp emission
    • Large removable pulp container
    • Container for juice with foam separator
    • Integrated cable storage



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