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Bosch Filtrino - Hot Water Dispenser

Bosch Filtrino - Hot Water Dispenser

● Space saving with dual function – filters your water for safe consumption and dispenses
hot water almost instantly for preparation of your favourite hot beverage
● Option to heat water to specific temperatures – optimum temperatures for that
perfect cuppa and for other hot beverages, instant soups and noodles
● Option to specify quantity for different sized cups, mugs or bowls (soup)
● Integrated BRITA MAXTRA filter for improved taste of water, which in turn protects the appliance
● Energy and time saving
● Safe child-proof lock system

Singapore, 11th October 2012 – A water filter and a hot water dispenser – the Bosch Filtrino offers greater convenience for the whole family. Sleek with its compact blackand- white design, the Red Dot Design Award Winner 2012 is befitting of any modern kitchen and saves space as a dual function appliance.

Enjoy Any Beverage at the Optimum Temperature in Mere Seconds
Dispense drinking water at ambient temperature or have it hot to prepare your favourite beverage. Tea drinkers in particular, would love the Bosch Filtrino, for it dispenses hot water at the optimum temperature for different types of teas: 70°C for white teas, 80°C for green teas and at boiling temperature for fruit, herbal and black teas. Instant coffee and hot chocolate mixes taste best with water at 90°C, while instant soups and noodles are best prepared with boiling water.

Quantity Specified at a Touch of a Button
Depending on the type of beverage you’re preparing, the Bosch Filtrino allows you to determine the preferred quantity – at 120, 150, 200, 250 or 300 millilitres – for different sized cups, mugs, glasses and bowls. In addition, the start/stop function makes it possible to control the quantity of water required.

Integrated BRITA MAXTRA Filter Improves Taste and Protects the Appliance
Featuring an integrated quality filter cartridge from BRITA, the Bosch Filtrino purifies the water, improving its quality and taste. Tea drinkers will appreciate the added aroma and clarity, as well as the absence of streaks, in their favourite cuppa. At the same time, the BRITA-filtered water protects the Bosch Filtrino against calcium deposits, ensuring its constant efficiency and prolonging its lifespan.

After dispensing approximately 100 litres of water, a light indicator signals that it’s time to replace the filter. Customers based in Singapore would be pleased to know that these filters are sold at departmental stores C.K. Tangs and Takashimaya.

Double Savings in Time and Energy
The Bosch Filtrino is considerably faster than any comparable 2,000-watt electric kettle. Hot water is dispensed in mere seconds, saving precious time on rushed weekday mornings.

While conventional air pots consume considerable energy with its constant re-boiling of water, the Bosch Filtrino only heats up the exact amount that is actually needed, saving up to 50 per cent of the usual electricity and time taken. What’s more, its integrated instantaneous water heater system enables it to heat water with approximately half the energy usually required.

Safe Childproof Lock System
The Bosch Filtrino was made with young children in mind. The safe childproof lock feature protects against accidental scalding. Press and hold the childproof button to disable the intelligent Bosch Filtrino from dispensing water above 20°C. This allows junior to help himself to ambient drinking water safely, while giving parents a peace of mind.

The Bosch Filtrino retails at S$279 at all leading retail outlets island-wide.

ProductModel NumberColourVoltageRCP
Bosch FiltrinoTHD 2021GBWhite/Black1,600 WattsSGD $279

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