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Cheeky Easter!
You'll be amazed!

It's not just the Easter Bunny who'll be amazed at your creative Easter cupcakes! The MaxxiMUM is ideal for creative baking ideas and with the automatic SensorControl function, whipped cream and egg whites will automatically be a perfect success.

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Bosch MaxxiMum

Presentation is all at Easter! Bake cupcakes that are just crying out to be eaten!

These cheeky little creations are bound to be the highlight of your Easter table or simply a sophisticated gift for family and friends! They're also easy to make and the perfect opportunity to get your creativity flowing.

Download our recipe for these stylish cupcakes here. And the table cards will help everyone find their place at your Easter brunch. Enjoy yourself, and have a cheeky Easter!

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The essence of 60 years
of experience with a world novelty.

SensorControl for automatically perfect whipped cream or meringue, the intelligent dough sensor for constant-speed kneading, the 3D PlanetaryMixing function - the new MaxxiMUM boasts many not-so-small details that add up to a truly premium machine. See for yourself in our video.

Bosch MaxxiMum

Culinary treat – perfect right down to the cream topping.

SensorControl automatically recognises the optimum stiffness of cream and whipped egg whites. The stirring whisk then stops on its own to deliver optimum results. This prevents cream from turning into butter.

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We gave it our all so it all comes out right: 1600 watts.

The most powerful motor on the market at 1600 watts – for perfect results every time.

See 1600 watts in action

Even the material is tasteful.

Thanks to the high-quality full metal housing, tasteful chrome trims and bowl made from brushed stainless steel, the MaxxiMUM turns food preparation into a real indulgence.


So things turn out right:
3D PlanetaryMixing.

Our improved 3D PlanetaryMixing function moves kneading and stirring tools in elliptical paths. That way they get into every corner of the bowl, to mix the contents especially quickly and evenly.

See PlanetaryMixing in action

A feel for speed: Smart dough sensor.

Ensures constant mixing speeds and fast results – even when preparing heavy doughs or using large quantities.

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A light touch:
EasyArm Lift.

Allows the mixer arm to be lifted at the touch of a button.

See EasyArm Lift in action

More room for creativity:
in the 5.4 l mixing bowl.

One of the largest bowls on the market. Extremely large mixing bowl (5.4 l) for 3.5 kg of sponge mixture or 1.5 kg of flour plus other ingredients for yeast.


Makes food preparation more convenient: Easy filling.

The mixer stops automatically when filling in the rear, ensuring the ingredients
enter the bowl instead of falling onto the mixer. A large funnel makes it easy
to fill the bowl.

See EasyFill in action

Well in hand with: Easy Pour.

For simple pouring of creams and easy removal of doughs – Practical handles and a convenient spout on the bowl.


The right accessory to suit every taste.

Lasagne, scrumptious vegetables, refined desserts - with its extensive range of accessories the MaxxiMUM can help anyone make their favourite dishes.

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