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Island Cooker Hoods

8 Common Mistakes When it Comes to Installing a Kitchen Hood
These installation mistakes result in a lower air extraction rate and higher noise level.
Optimal Installation Condition
Till the pipe 1 degree lower to avoid condensed water running back.
Minimum distances to cooktop
  • Install the cooker hood in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight
  • Always mount the cooker hood over the centre of the hob
  • Maintain the required minimum distance between the hob and hood.
Channel Extensions for Chimney Hoods

Technical Details
  • Each cooker hood is equipped with an adjustable cover. The adjustable hood is installed in the decorative cover, which may be drawn upwards to cater to the installation height.
  • Please refer to the dimensions shown in the table below before using the adjustable cover.
  • The adjustable cover is fixed on the wall by using fixing brackets via scews.
  • For high ceilings, customisation and extension brackets may be prescribed by your contractor.
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