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Improve dishwashing results

Improve dishwashing results

Follow our recommendations for optimal dishwashing results

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Why am I getting poor results from my dishwasher?


1Rinse aid should also be used in the machine to ensure excellent drying results
2If the level is too low, the dishes remain wet and streaks appear after the program
3Ensure that the dishes are well positioned to avoid water accumulation
User tip: You should also make sure your dishwasher delivers the correct amount of rinse aid. An arrow adjusts the level. The factory setting is four, which give the best results overall. However, it may be reduced if you have streaks on your dishes after drying or increased if water traces are still visible. In some dishwashers, the level of rinse aid can be changed via the control panel - please read the operating instructions for these models.

AFTER washing

When the dishwasher cycle is finished, it is always better to turn off the machine and wait 10 minutes for drying is complete and the dishes cool
If you do not plan to empty the dishwasher after this period, leave the door ajar for another 20 minutes to allow the steam to escape
The door should not be closed for several hours or overnight because steam can turn into condensation and mold can then form on the dishes
User tip: Some tablets are presented as' all-in-one dishwasher. They are designed to be used without adding salt or rinse aid. However, for best results we recommend using the dishwasher with good levels of salt and rinse aid, even if you opt for shelves all-in-one.

Choice of cleaning tablets
Some customers find that the tablets are not completely dissolved after a short cycle. The reason is simple: the tablets are not intended to be used in fast cycle because of the duration and temperature of the cycle
In this case, we recommend that you use a liquid or powder for short cycles
If the tablet does not dissolve during the normal cycle, check the dosing compartment is dry and not sticky before use and it is not blocked by large pieces of crockery
4Always make sure that you follow the dosage when using the product for dishwashers

Dish Placement

Follow the user manual for the correct layout of dishes in the dishwasher
Check that the water and the product can slide on all objects to prevent the formation of water pockets
Place all the dishes and place in a safe manner, so that it will not fall. Also make sure that the spray arms can rotate freely without hindrance
Before placing dishes in the machine, it is necessary to remove the remaining food to avoid that they clog the filter and spray arms


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