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When it comes to dosing, don't go with your gut.

Trust your washing machine.

Getting it right automatically.

Bosch in every detail: i-DOS - the automatic, intelligent dosing
system. Getting detergent dosing right to the very millilitre and
saving up to 7,062* litres of water a year.

You can underdose ...
Simply guessing usually means getting the dosing
wrong. Underdosing is false economy and won't get
your clothes really clean.
... overdose ...
Too much detergent can damage your laundry and
irritate your skin causing problems for allergy sufferers.
Increased energy and water consumption means it's also
harmful to the environment.
... or you can get the dosage just right.
i-DOS, the integrated automatic dosing system,
dispenses the correct amount of liquid detergent to the
very millilitre. This means a reduction of up to 30% in
detergent requirements and a saving of up to 7,062*
litres of water a year. Easy on the environment and
easy on the household finances.
The automatic dosing system i-DOS is available
with HomeProfessional and Logixx appliances.
Weight of load
Type of fabric
Level of soiling
Hardness of water

This is how i-DOS works

Sensors automatically gauge:
• Hardness of water
• Type of fabric
• Weight of load
• Level of soiling

Based on these factors, the optimum amount of
detergent is dispensed.

Perfect dosing is not
just for the screen!

Take a look at i-DOS, the automatic,
intelligent dosing system.

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