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Using Your Floor Plan

  • Windows

    Windows and grilles can only be
    installed by BCA-approved window

  • Internal Wall

    Hacking is permitted and needs to
    be completed within 3 days*

    *HDB permit required
  • Internal Structural Wall

    No hacking or drilling allowed as
    this weakens the structural integrity
    of the building

  • A/C Ledge

    The air-conditioning compressor unit must be properly installed by a qualified personnel.

  • Bath / WC

    Hacking of floor/wall tiles of the toilet is permitted only after 3 years of completion of the block*

  • Household Shelter

    HDB does not permit tampering with its reinforced walls, ceiling and door. Choose freestanding shelves instead of wall-mounted shelves.

  • Main Circuit Board (MCB)

    Newer HDB flats are equipped with a 40A rated MCB, while older flats typically have a 30A rated MCB. Choose appliances that operate safely within these limits to avoid power trips.

  • Main Door

    If your main door opens to the fire escape route, your replacement door needs to have a fire resistancerating of at least half an hour.

  • Service Yard

    When stacking dryer and washing machine, take note of their height clearance to avoid interfering with the ceiling-mounted clothes rack. Grilles installed have to be of HDB approved designs*

    *HDB permit required
  • The wall separating the kitchen and
    service yard can be demolished to
    create a larger kitchen*

  • Kitchen

    If you are planning to have an open concept kitchen, note that the basin and cooker top need to be placed within the original kitchen’s boundaries.


Room for Creative Planning

You don’t have to plan strictly around rooms designated in
your floor plan. The option to hack certain walls means that
with some creativity, you can reconfigure your home to
create some amazing living spaces.


Living Room

Where you socialize and live – here are Ideas and
considerations for planning the heart of your home.

Planning - colours


  • Choose lighter, cooler colours to make a small space look more spacious.
  • Combine natural earthen colours with wood and stone furniture
    pieces for resort style living.
Planning - Lighting


  • Warm light is comfortable to the eyes and can be used for general lighting.
  • Tip: If you sometimes work in the living room, add a task light (e.g. LED desk light) to help you focus.
  • Don’t: Avoid installing a ceiling fan below recessed lights as this results in flickering shadows
Planning - Air-conditioning


  • Multi-split air-conditioning systems are generally more energy efficient than separate single-split or window systems.
  • Avoid placing your fan coil unit at the corner of a room as this restricts air circulation.
  • Avoid placing lamps, TV sets or other heat generating appliances too close to your air-conditioner as they can interfere with the proper working of its thermostat.
  • Keep your air conditioning unit working at its optimal efficiency by servicing the air filters once a month and replacing them when necessary.
  • Tip: Before switching off your air-conditioner, try turning it to Fan mode for 15 minutes first. This helps to dry your air-conditioner and prevent mildew and unpleasant odour.

What is the recommended cooling
power for my space?

Choose the correct size for your air-conditioning
unit for maximum energy efficiency.

Air-conditioning Information provided by
Gain City Best Electric Pte Ltd.


Dining Room

The lines between living, dining and kitchen areas have been
blurred as homeowners opt for a more open layout these days.
This maximises each space by making it perform different
functions depending on the time and occasion.

Tips for Dining Room

  • The dining table can be a homework area for kids,
    a work desk at night or the centre of a party.
  • If you intend to use your dining table as a “hot desk”
    for work, install an easily accessible electrical outlet
  • Extendable dining tables save space and can easily
    accommodate more when needed.


A well-designed bedroom affords you a good night’s
sleep to be ready for the next day.

Creating A Comfortable Bedroom

  • Pastel or neutral colours in the bedroom can help put your
    mind in a relaxed state before you sleep.
  • We get the best sleep when it is cool, dark and quiet. To
    darken your bedroom, heavy fabric curtains or blockout roller
    blinds can both work to minimise light seepage.
  • Avoid using overly stimulating colours (such as purple or
    gold) for your bedroom walls


  • An average person spends a third of his or her life
    in bed. Buy the best quality mattress you can afford.


  • Where space permits, converting part or all of an adjoining
    bedroom into an open concept walk-in wardrobe can meet
    a lot of storage needs.
  • Another option is to install a closed bedroom wardrobe.
    Before drawing up your plans, analyse what you intend
    to keep there. Are there more full-length clothing (such as
    dresses and suits) or are there more shirts and short pieces of
    clothing? For example, installing 2 sets of hanging rods can
    double your storage space.
  • Keep things where you use them. This creates efficiency
    and prevents things from getting misplaced in the home.
    This simple principle for storage extends throughout your home.
  • Maximize use of space by incorporating storage spaces
    within your bedframe.


Your bathroom space should be a place where you can
unwind and get instantly revitalised. Plan enough surface
space for basic necessities and sufficient storage to keep
your toiletries and supplies handy.

Rain Showers

  • Rain showers are increasingly popular among
    homeowners. This type of showerhead mimics
    rainfall to gives you a soothing and invigorating
    experience after a tiring day. But before you jump
    in, take note of these important considerations:

  • Is your water pressure strong enough?
  • Decide the size you need – a larger size offers
    you a wider coverage
  • Types of water spray settings offered (some
    models let you choose from a light trickling
    drizzle to a heavy storm, and anywhere in
  • Material – usually made from brass, chrome,
    stainless steel and plastic (plastic is the
    cheapest but also the least durable)

View Rain Shower settings

Gas HeaterStorage HeaterInstant Heater
WhatPiped gas is burned in the gas heater to
supply hot water to multiple water points
Uses electricity to heat water in a tankElectromagnetic induction
ProsGas heating is cheaper than electricityStrongest water pressure and well
suited for rain shower
No waiting time required for
water heating
Best forFamilies requiring hot water in multiple
water points in the home
Big familiesSmall families

Rain shower information provided byHoe Kee Hardware Pte Ltd.


Service Yard

For most families, this would be the natural place to tackle all the laundry
needs for the household. In addition to your washer and dryer, plan
sufficient shelving units to store your detergents, cleaner, rags and
other cleaning supplies.

What is the ideal size for your washer?


Keeping Your Options Open

Select a washing machine with wash programmes
that fit your needs - like Bosch washers equipped
with Varioperfect™ that give you options to save
time and cost.

Do you have limited space to hang your clothes?

A front-loading washer and dryer can be stacked to minimise space wastage in your home. You can also conveniently dry your clothes anytime of the day, rain or shine.

Do you do your washing at night?

To minimise disturbances when washing and drying at night, Bosch EcoSilenceTM system ultra quiet operation without compromising on performance
and efficiency.

Should you choose a
front load washer?

Homeowners concerned about fabric care and household costs should consider a front-loading washer as they are more gentle on clothes and have excellent
energy and water efficiency.

View Our Washers


Choosing A Dryer

More households these days are opting for dryers as they can save
a massive amount of time from manually hang-drying the clothes –
especially for large households with children. No more messing with
clothes pegs or having rain impact your drying process.

View Our Dryers

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the fluff filter regularly to keep your dryer
    working at its top efficiency
  • For Condenser dryers, always empty the water tank and
    clean the condensate filter for consistent performance
Heat pump dryersCondenser dryersVented dryers
Air VentNo needNo need
Energy Efficient
ConsiderTypically use less than half the
energy per load compared to a non
heat pump dryer.
Your laundry area will be cooler
as the dryer uses an internal
heat exchanger to cool the air
and condense the water vapour
into either a drain pipe or a
collection tank
These dryers simply expel
warm moist air through a
vent or a hose

What about my Kitchen?

Planning your kitchen can be quite a challenge but we’ve
got everything you need in our Kitchen Guide.

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