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Kitchen Guide

One of the guiding principles behind good kitchen design is balance.
A well-designed kitchen has a good mix of storage and worktop spaces. Its layout allows cooking, washing and food preparation
to take place smoothly with minimal fuss.


Kitchen Planning

First, ask yourself these questions:

Kitchen Planning 2

What kind of food are
you going to store?

Find the style and ideal size for your fridge
Kitchen Planning

Common Kitchen Layouts

The work triangle is an ergonomic zone connecting your wash area (kitchen sink), food storage (fridge) and cooking area (cook top and oven). Once you’ve outlined your work triangle and decided on your appliances, here are some useful kitchen layouts that you may consider.

Kitchen TypeDescriptionLayout
Single-wall kitchen
(suitable for small homes)
The single-wall kitchen can effectively keep all
appliances and cooking essentials within reach.
While the work triangle is not evident here, its
principle of keeping an ideal distance between
different work zones remains.
Galley kitchen
(suitable for most kitchens)
The galley layout is a favourite among chefs.
It makes good use of tight spaces and provides
flexibility for accessing kitchen appliances
and storage.
L-shaped kitchen
(suitable for larger flats with
an open layout)
This layout extends itself for guests to mingle in
the cooking area. An island can also be
incorporated to provide additional worktop or
seating space. This open layout will benefit from a
powerful extraction hood to keep odours and oil
out of your other living areas.

Kitchen Talk

Quick tips on kitchen design from Lee Chi Ho,
Design Principal, The Orange Cube

“New BTO kitchens tend to be small and compact. However, restrictions often offer opportunities for creative solutions.”

Lee Chi Ho - Design Principal, The Orange Cube


Help with Hoods

Cooker hoods remove excess smoke, steam, grease and fumes while you cook, thereby making sure that your kitchen and the rest of your home smell clean and fresh.

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About Air Recirculation

Catering for HDB homes, Bosch extractor hoods feature
a powerful, energy-efficient air recirculation mode that
reduces grease particles from dispersing and settling on
everything in your flat.


Slimline Hood (60 or 90 cm)

Thin and flat in design with a slide out section, this is ideal for integrating into your kitchen cabinets and will be almost invisible.

Quick Tip

90cm hoods are the most common size for households.

Kitchen Guide Hoods

Chimney Hood (60 or 90 cm)

Wall-mounted hoods are generally
mounted above the hob, on the wall
between the wall units. This type of cooker
hood fits beautifully into the line of your
kitchen units whilst providing effective
ventilation that you’ll barely see – but you’ll
notice the amazing effect.

Kitchen Guide Hoods

The Right Hood

Match your hood with your kitchen to keep your flat smelling clean and fresh.The right hood replaces air
in your kitchen ideally 10 times an hour.

What extraction rate
do I need from my hood?

When choosing a hood, always match its air
delivery power to the size of your kitchen. An
effective extractor should be able to replace
the air in your kitchen 10 times an hour.

Kitchen Hoods Extraction
Kitchen Hoods

For open layout kitchens, identify the location of your hood and estimate your kitchen volume in the following manner:

Kitchen Hoods Concept
*This formula gives a guiding value to the consumer to calculate the appropriate extraction rate in open-plan kitchens. Always ensure adequate fresh air in the room if the appliance is being operated in exhaust air mode at the same time as room air-dependent heat-producing appliance is being operated.

Installing Tips

  • Install your hood in a dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Mount your hood over the centre of your hob
  • Keep a minimum distance of 700mm from gas hob to
    your hood and 650mm from induction hob to your hood

Caring for Your Extractor Hood

  • Always cool the cooker hood and switch off its
    mains power before cleaning or servicing.
  • Clean surfaces with a soft, damp cloth and a mild
    window cleaner. Soften dried dirt with the damp cloth.
  • Avoid using dry cloth, abrasive sponge, or cleaning agents containing soda, acid, or any other aggressive substances as they may damage the hood.
Kitchen Guide Hoods

Picking Your Hobs

Choose a hob according to your cooking and taste preference.

Looking for more control over the flame for better cooking?

Bosch gas hobs offer precise flame adjustment to independently control the inner and outer flame rings. This lets you easily control your simmering and frying.

Do you own pots and pans
of different sizes?

If you do, consider Bosch induction hobs which have an automatic pan recognition that identifies the size of your pan and only heats up the base of the pan instead of the entire zone. This means greater energy efficiency and savings for you.

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Know Your Hobs

There are 3 main types of hobs to choose from based on their heating methods:

Gas Hob

Electric Radiant Hob

Induction Hob
Cooks byDirect flameA heating element under
ceramic glass
Heat is generated in the cooking
vessel directly through induction
Ease of cleaning
Intelligent features
Safety features
Best forWok-hei taste/
General cooking
General cookingFast cooking with superior
control and energy efficiency
LPGTown Gas
SourceGas is stored in a cylinder.Gas is supplied directly by
ConsiderationWhen planning your kitchen
cabinetry, allocate a suitable
section to store your LPG
cylinder in an upright position
away from direct heat.
You will need to apply for a
utilities account with SP Services
and make an appointment for
CityGas to turn on your gas line.

Quick Tip

  • An induction hob, for
    example, can bring 2 litres of
    water to boil twice as quickly
    as electric radiant hob.
  • Do check with electrician on
    how electrical works can be done

What is a good hob size for you?

Hobs varies for 30cm - 92 cm in sizes. Some may
opt for two 30cm hobs instead of a single 60cm
hob to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Caring for Your Hob

  • Always wait for the hob to cool before cleaning.
  • Clean the hob’s frame using slightly soapy hot water and a soft cloth.

Do You Know?

  • Most gas hobs operate at a maximum of
    4.5kW while Bosch gas hobs can go up to
    6kW. This results in time saving in your cooking.

Quick Tip

The Bosch Domino series (30cm) hobs are designed with this in mind to enjoy a wider
range of cooking styles.


Oven Orientation

Getting the right oven depends on your style of cooking and your preference in the taste and texture of your food.

Prefer not to mess with temperature settings when it comes to roasting?

Advanced ovens today come with innovations to reduce or eliminate fiddling with settings while delivering great results. Bosch ovens equipped with PerfectRoast feature precise sensors that measure and control cooking temperatures.

Wish to take out the guesswork when baking?

Baking perfect bread and pastries typically involves careful setting of heating modes, temperatures and baking times. Baking enthusiasts can consider a Bosch oven with PerfectBake sensors that measure and regulate the baking process automatically.

Dislike the hassle of changing oven tray positions when baking?

If you do, you will be delighted by the 4D Hotair technology built into Bosch ovens. You can bake up to 4 different levels simultaneously to achieve the same consistency and result from top to bottom without ever having to change oven tray positions.


What kind of chef are you?

Dry Chef

Moist Chef

Combi Chef
Definition of
cooking types
Relatively quick process;
adds crispness and flavor,
but doesn’t tenderise.
Involves cooking with water or
stock, like poaching fish and
steaming broccoli.
Often uses slow-cooking
techniques to tenderise and
break down tough cuts of meat.
Style of CookingGrilling, Roasting, BakingSteaming, Boiling, SimmeringStewing, Braising
Best forMeat lovers who enjoy browning
while avoiding excess fat
The health conscious and
Meat lovers who prefer more
bite and strong flavour
Suitable OvensOven
Microwave Oven
Steam OvenSteam-Combination Oven
Microwave Combination Oven

Most Common Ways to Install Your Ovens

When considering where to place your oven,
there are several options available:

Quick Tops

Quick Tip

For easy access to the oven,
it is best to install above your
waist level for single oven.


Installation Tips

Ensure to get electrician to advise on how
electrical works should be done.

Caring for Your Oven

  • Clean oven exterior using hot soapy water
    and a dish cloth. Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Do not leave the oven door slightly open when
    cooling, as this may impair the functionality
    of the control panel.
  • Always wait for the oven to cool before cleaning

Tall Boy Cabinet

A popular choice among homeowner’s, stacking your appliances saves space and you can place the oven at eye level for easy monitoring and accessibility.

Oven Tall Boy Cabinet
  • 45cm Oven
  • 14cm Warmer Drawer
  • 60cm Oven
  • 45cm Oven
  • 60cm Oven

Built Under

Placing the oven below your tabletop is
the ideal option when there is limited cabinet space.

Oven Built in Under

Side by Side

This arrangement allows you to install ovens along with other appliances and operate them easily at the same time.

  • 45cm oven with 14cm warmer drawer
  • 45cm coffee machine with 14cm warmer drawer
  • 60cm Oven
Oven Side by Side

The Right Fridge

Consider your family needs to determine the kind of
fridge that works best for the food you store. Here are
some considerations when selecting a fridge.

View Our Refrigerators

Which configuration do you prefer?

Fridges Top

Top Freezer

When you use freezer more often

Fridges Bottom

Bottom Freezer

When usage of the main refrigerator compartment is more commonly used. Can access easily

Fridges Side by Side

Side by Side

Bigger capacity for both freezer and refrigerator compartment. Suitable for homeowners who seldom does marketing


Dishwasher Facts

In your new kitchen, a dishwasher can be an indispensible help that saves you time and effort. Modern dishwashers are not only efficient and eco-friendly, research has shown that they are much more capable at eliminating harmful germs when compared to washing by hand.

Which dishwasher is most suitable for you?

Time savingsHygieneYouthful Hands
Up to 15 days a year can be
spent on hand washing in a
typical household.
Unlike hand washing, a dishwasher is able
to wash your dishes with water heated up
to 70 degree celsius.
Contact with detergents may irritate
and harm your skin.
A dishwasher saves you time
and energy so you can have
more quality moments with
your family.
This effectively eliminates 99% of harmful
bacteria and germs, resulting in better
hygiene and health for your family.
A dishwasher minimises contact
between your hands and detergents
to keep them feeling smooth
and supple.

Choosing the Right Dishwasher

There are 3 main types of dishwashers to choose from: Compact, Integrated, and Free Standing.

With the freedom of designing a new kitchen from scratch, the clear choice is the built-in dishwasher, which can be fully integrated into your kitchen design scheme.

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Caring for Your Dishwasher

  • Use the correct cycle for best performance.
  • Check and clean the filters regularly.
  • Use dishwasher related detergent for
    efficient cleaning.


Perfect for small kitchens.

Choosing the Right Dishwasher

Fully Integrated

Entirely concealed behind furniture door
including the control panel.

Choosing the Right Dishwasher

Semi Integrated

Conceal with furniture panel leaving only control
panel visible.

Choosing the Right Dishwasher


Perfect for space constraint.

Choosing the Right Dishwasher

Kitchen Planning Done!

We’re almost there, here are some useful tools and
important things to check as your renovation draws to a close.

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