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Getting Started

4 Important Considerations before you design your home



Above all, a successfully designed home must accommodate the lifestyle needs of you and your family.

Lifestyle Resident

Who are the residents?

For comfortable living in your new home, consider the lifestyles of
your family members and prepare sufficient bedroom and storage
space for their needs.

Lifestyle Cooking needs

What are your
cooking needs?

Families often bond at meal-
times so think about setting aside space and a budget for appro-
priate kitchen appliances that will
take care of your food preparation.

Lifestyle Work From Home

Do you work from home?

If yes, consider allocating a comfortable, dedicated space so
that you can work undisturbed
for long stretches.

Lifestyle Entertain

Do you entertain guests?

If so, think about the seating room
you require and consider ideas like
an open concept kitchen that allows guests to mingle while you cook.

Lifestyle Hobby

What are your hobbies
and passions?

Plan space and storage for your favourite past-times whether it is a display for your toy collection or a
rack for your sporting equipment.

Lifestyle Future

What does the future hold?

Your home should meet your needs
for years to come. If you intend to start a family, consider a multi-purpose
room that can be converted into a bedroom when needed.



Having a theme in mind gives your home a consistent look and helps when it comes to making decisions on colors, fixtures and furniture.



Knowing your budget is essential to plan a realistic
and smooth renovation.

HDB Renovation &
Appliances Costs Snapshot

When planning, it helps to break things up into their main
categories. The chart below shows the breakdown of the
main cost items in a typical renovation project.

Typical 15-20% of property cost
Average for typical HDB: $50k
New 3-5 room BTO flat $40-80k


Considering your timeline lets you allocate enough
time for each phase and track your progress.

At a glance – Renovation periods

For a smooth renovation, create a detailed plan with clear milestones for each stage. Then follow your plan and adjust it as you go along.

Simple projects about 4-6 weeks.
On average takes 8-10 weeks.
Complex projects 12 weeks or more.

1 Shortlisting your appliances

~4 weeks


2 Engaging an Interior Designer

  • Conceptualization and planning
  • Approve 3D drawings, select tiles and fixtures

~8 weeks


3 Collecting Keys

  • Checking for defects and reporting to HDB (3-5 days)
  • Opening Singapore Power utilities account

~2 weeks


4 Start of renovation

  • Hacking, tiling, running of electrical wiring, false ceiling construction, painting (1-3 weeks)
  • Plumbing (3-5 days)
  • Fabrication and installation of carpentry and installing counter-top (2-4 weeks)
  • Final finishes (1 week)

~4 to 12 weeks


5 Completion of home renovation

*actual schedule and times may vary.


What’s Next?

After these considerations, you can move on
to planning your living spaces.

What's Next?
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