Gas Hobs

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Preparing the unit for Installation
All installation, regulation and adaptation to other types of gas must be carried out by an authorised installation technician, respecting all applicable regulations, standards and the country's electrical and gas supply companies' specifications.
  • Ensure that the plug of the unit can be connected to a nearby power socket to enable ignition.
  • Before installing the appliance, check that it is suitable for the type of gas (Town Gas, LPG) you are using. Our hobs only work with the type of gas indicated in its specifications.
  • All our gas hobs come with factory fitted rubber seals for installation. Sealing with silicone gel is not advised.
  • In accordance with regulations, the appliance should be installed in a well-ventilated area so that combustible gases can disperse over time.
  • The gas hose connected to gas hob should not be in contact with any movable object for safety reasons.
Ensuring Sufficient Ventilation
  • The cupboard should be well-ventilated to allow combustible air to disperse over time.
min. 550mm> 50mmmin. 150mmmin. 50mm

* Measurements indicated are for reference purpose. Refer to instruction manual for measurements specific to the appliance model.
Installing the Unit
  • The length and width of niches are usually smaller than that of the appliance. Refer to the appliance's installation instructions for more information.
  • Additionally, a radial cut-out is recommended as it is structurally stronger compared to an angular cut-out.
  • If you are installing the gas cook-top underneath an extractor hood, please take note of the min height C found in each appliance model's instruction manual.

Example: PBD9331SG
  • Minimum worktop thickness is 20mm.
  • Ensure there is a minimum distance of 65mm between the top of the worktop and the top of the drawer for ventilation.
  • Minimum Running Length of Drawer is 480mm.
  • Minimum worktop thickness is 30mm.
  • Minimum distance from wall is 100mm.
  • Minimum gap distance for ventilation is 5mm.
  • Minimum worktop thickness is 30mm.
  • Minimum distance from wall is 150mm.
  • Minimum gap distance from the bottom of hobs to the top of the oven for ventilation is 5mm.
  • During installation, ensure that the gas pipe is positioned on the left while the powerpoint on the right for ignition.
Installation for different situations