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Bosch Wok Series

The new Bosch Wok Series. Bosch offers a wide range of built-in gas cooktops with different burner combinations to meet your every cooking need. Our Wok Series gas hobs feature a powerful wok-style burner which provides an intense heat to the pan of up to 4.5kW. This makes it suitable for heavy wok frying especially for traditional Asian cooking.

Great Performance. Perfect Symmetry.

Heat intensity plays an important role in determining the outcome of the dishes.
Which explains why Bosch gas hobs are equipped with different burning capabilities to suit your varied cooking style.

3D Flame WheelPrecise Flame ControlSealed Top SheetFlame Failure Safety Device
3D Flame Wheel*Precise Flame ControlSealed Top SheetFlame Failure Safety
An innovative burner cap design that provides and generates a powerful and even flame.

*Distribution of flame differs for LPG & Town Gas installation
Precise and enhanced flame control, especially helpful when creating a small and stable flame.Prevention of spillage into the gas hob, ensuring safety and easy maintenance of appliance.Safety valve system will cut off gas automatically when the flame goes out unexpectedly.

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