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Charged by new MotorSteam technology for powerful steam performance

Generator Sensixx DI90

Our powerhouse for your ironing: the new compact steam generator Sensixx’x DI90.

The Sensixx'x DI90 compact steam generator is equipped with a motor that continuously generates stronger and more penetrating steam. What's more, delivering an output of 3,200 watts, this compact product is also extraordinarily powerful. The SensorSteam function ensures safety, switching the heat and steam on and off as soon as you touch the handle. Now here comes the best bit: These are just two elements among a whole host of convenience features!

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See for yourself how the Sensixx'x DI90 compact steam generator powers through your laundry.
Injects some steam into your laundry
The compact steam generator Sensixx’x DI90 accommodates so much technology and functionality within such compact dimensions that it is able to perform masterfully without a station. When it comes to powering through your laundry, such safe and efficient ironing has never been more compact.

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Powerful and deep-penetrating steam thanks to MotorSteam.

A continuous high volume of steam, generated by the integrated motor, guarantees a consistently high quality of ironing. The textiles are deeply penetrated by the steam, enabling considerable time savings, even on thicker fabrics.

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The Sensixx'x DI90 compact steam generator: powerful yet gentle at the same time thanks to SensorSteam.

A sensor on the steam generator responds to touch, producing heat and steam only when you touch the handle. This allows you to save water and energy, while a tremendous 3,200 watts of power also ensure that, after a break from ironing, the product is ready to use again at full power and heat in next to no time.

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So convenient you can simply get on with the ironing — thanks to i-Temp Advanced.

i-Temp Advanced
This setting provides the perfect combination of heat and steam for all textiles suitable for ironing. You no longer need to pre-sort your laundry — you can simply start ironing using the same, single basic setting. Clothes are ready to put away in the blink of an eye!

The AntiShine setting prevents shiny patches from forming on textiles, giving you a gentle and safe way to iron dark and delicate garments.

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Water containing limescale particles eventually leads to damage in compact steam generators. However, the Bosch 4AntiCalc descaling function, which uses a highly efficient descaling solution, actively prevents damage to ensure an unrestricted high level of performance over a long period of time.

Descaling solution TDZ1101
The Bosch descaling solution uses diluted sulfamide solutions and is ideal for gently removing deposits from your appliance.

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CeraniumGlissée soleplate with
AdvancedSteam System.

This sophisticated soleplate promises the best ironing results with its high-tech design. The soleplate glides smoothly over the textiles and the innovative arrangement of the channels and holes distributes the steam to create an extraordinary smoothing effect.

Steam on Demand
Although continuous steam is available, it doesn't mean you have to use it continuously. The "Steam on Demand" function takes care of this subtle difference. You decide yourself when and for how long the steam is required during ironing by pressing the button below the bar handle.



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