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10 Types of Food You Should Never Keep in the Fridge

March 29, 2016|Refrigeration
If the idea of fresh, wholesome food to you starts with chilled ingredients right out of the fridge - you'll be surprised that this is not always the case! The notion that the fridge is a safe place for all your groceries might stem from the belief that freezing food kills bacteria (it actually only renders them inactive), but there are certain items that are fine, or best, kept on the shelves.
1. Bread
We know the feeling of not wanting a perfectly good loaf of bread to go to waste. However, contrary to popular belief, stowing your bread in the fridge is not the most ideal way of extending its life. Besides drying your loaf out quickly, both the fresh taste and texture is affected as bread becomes hard.
2. Tomatoes
Are you a fan of tomatoes for their natural sweetness? Avoid putting them in the fridge as this ruins the goodness within. The nutrient-packed vegetable thrives in heat and is adverse to cold environments. As a result, putting it in the fridge halts the ripening process and causes it to lose its flavour.
3. Onions
Onions do not react well to moisture, turning soft and mouldy from the water they absorb when stored in a fridge. Worst of all? They look exactly the same whether or not they are in optimal condition. Spare yourself the trouble and keep them out of the fridge!
4. Garlic
Besides getting rubbery and mouldy, garlic eventually sprouts in the fridge - definitely not ideal if you want to enjoy the delicious, mildly spicy flavour of the vegetable.
5. Fresh herbs
Herbs are highly receptive to different smells around them. Keeping them in the fridge will cause them to lose their original flavour and dry them out quickly.
6. Bananas
The cold temperature within a fridge slows down the ripening process of bananas. If you are intending to eat your newly bought bunch within a few days, it is best to just store them at room temperature.
7. Avocados
Store-bought avocados are usually firm and solid to the touch as they have yet to ripen properly. Much like bananas, keeping them in the fridge will render them inedible for an even longer time.
8. Honey
With natural preservatives to keep it fresh for an indefinite amount of time, honey tastes best left at room temperatures as long as it remains tightly sealed. Fridge storage actually crystallises it, turning it into an almost dough-like form and making it hard to scoop out of its jar.
9. Nuts
While cold temperatures prevent the natural oils in nuts from turning rancid, it can also subdue their flavours. Deshelled nuts also tend to absorb the odours from other food in the fridge. Best to keep them in an airtight container in your pantry or kitchen.
10. Chocolate spreads
Love having chocolate on toast for breakfast or a tasty midday snack? Keep your jar on the shelf and it will not only be super easy to spread, but also have a more intense flavour.
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