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Series 6 Washing Machine

Introducing the Bosch Series 6 Washing Machine.

Enjoy perfect wash results with our latest washing machine designed with you in mind.

German Engineering. Performance. Quality.

Enjoy a great laundry experience with our Series 6 washing machines - with world-class engineering and design from Germany to consistently deliver great wash results that you can rely on. Manufactured in our factories to the highest standards and featuring innovative technologies, you know when you choose a Bosch you get nothing but the very best.

EcoSilence Drive™ - Powerful, silent and built to last.

Without using carbon brushes like traditional motors, our innovative EcoSilence Drive™ friction-free motor minimizes any heat and wear. The result – a drive system that is not only powerful and long lasting, but also one of the most silent in operation.

AntiVibration™ -
More stability, less vibration.

The special AntiVibration™ design of the side walls makes the Bosch washing machines and dryers extremely quiet. It helps reduce vibrations and ensures greater stability so you can do your washing without disturbing your loved ones.

VarioDrum™ -
Tough on dirt, gentle on fabrics.

The VarioDrum™ caters to all fabrics with a breakthrough design that provides a thorough wash while being gentle on your clothes.

How it works
As the drum spins in the clockwise direction, the flat side of the paddle inside the drum provides gentle cleaning for fine textiles. In the opposite direction, the steep side of the paddle ensures intensive cleaning for heavily-soiled garments.

Wash programs to suit every need.

Bosch understands that the laundry needs of every home is unique - we've designed special wash programs so you can always enjoy the best in garment care and convenience for you and your loved ones.

Wahing Programs

Allergy Plus

The ideal wash program for allergy-prone adults and children – and the only program officially certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). Extra rinse cycles remove allergens and detergent residue reliably for perfectly clean laundry.

SuperQuick 15'/30'

Perfect for newly bought or lightly soiled clothes, this 15'/30' minute program that handles loads up to 2/3.5 kg is amongst the shortest wash programs in the market.

Drum Clean

This program effectively removes dirt, bacteria, odours and detergent residue from the washing drum using hot water of up to 90°C to ensure that your washer is always ready to deliver the best wash results

Wash options

Perfect options for your wash.



VarioPerfect™ lets you decide whether you need your laundry quickly or more economically with SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect options, giving you ultimate control over your time and money.



Perfect for those in a hurry - reduce wash time by up to 65% without compromising on wash results.



Adjusts the wash cycle to reduce energy consumption by as much as 25% - great for the environment and your utilities bill.


Intelligent features to enhance your laundry experience.

Assured hygiene

The Self-cleaning Detergent Drawer is cleaned automatically after each wash cycle, to maintain cleanliness and increase protection against allergens.

Protection from pests

The unique design of our washers keeps pests out of the washing machine's hardware ensuring smooth operation for every wash.


VoltCheck features an indicator that blinks to indicate interruptions in your power supply and resumes the wash from the last cycle when stable power is available.

Series 6 Washing Machine

Washer WAT24480SG

Serie | 6 Avantixx WAT24480SG
Front Load Washing Machine

  • Capacity: 8kg
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1200 rpm
  • EcoSilence Drive™

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Allergy Plus
ECARF certified and ideal for allergy-prone adults and children

Designed for more stability and less vibration

EcoSilence Drive™
Friction-free motor for silent, powerful and long lasting operation.

Wash options to save you time or reduce energy consumption.

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