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Built-in Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

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Preparing the unit for installation

There are 2 opening angles available for the door.
Ensure there is sufficient mounting distance between the coffee machine and the wall.
  • 350mm mounting distance to the side wall = Maximum 110° opening angle
  • 650mm mounting distance to the side wall = Maximum 155° opening angle
The distance between the appliance and the back wall must be at least 100mm.
Installation and Ventilation
Ensure there is adequate space for air ventilation
  • Maintain a gap of at least 35mm.
  • The ventilation slots and intake openings must not be covered.
  • If the appliance is installed directly under a décor panel, ensure that there is a ventilation slot of at least 200cm².
  • If the appliance is installed above a warming drawer, the height of the niche must be 590mm.
  • The ideal installation height for the fully automatic coffee machine, measured from the bottom of the appliance to the floor, is 950mm.
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