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Powerful, cordless and with the longest runtime.
The Athlet provides cleaning performance equivalent to a conventional vacuum cleaner operating at 2400 watts. With its continuous dust pick-up power of 60 minutes, the Athlet is the leading handstick with the longest runtime.
Dust Pick-Up Surpassing a Conventional Vacuum Cleaner
With the cleaning performance equivalent to a 2400 watt* vacuum cleaner, the Athlet excels in dust pick-up, just like a conventional vacuum cleaner.
Uninterrupted Vacuuming for Up to 60 Minutes
The Athlet runs on Lithium Ion battery pack, providing ultra high performance and an extra long runtime, within a short charging time.
Flex and Glide Your Way to a Perfect Clean
The Athlet makes vacuuming an all-round comfort with its flexible nozzle joint.
SensorBagless™ Technology
The SensorBagless™ Technology is smart enough to moniter the Athlet’s performance, signalling when cleaning is required.
Airflow System
The powerful airflow system picks up dirt and stubborn grime, and transfers them right into the dust container, providing a thorough clean.
Easy to use
Powerful cleaning performance in a light and handy appliance.
Ultra light – for the highest comfort while vacuuming
The Athlet is a lightweight vacuum cleaner. It has a low centre of gravity and, thanks to its sophisticated ergonomic parameters, it fits perfectly in your hand.
Maximum flexibility while vacuuming around and under furniture
Thanks to its flexible nozzle attachment, the Athlet is flexible to manoeuvre. This allows it to vacuum reliably even in hard-to-reach corners – and in places where there is no socket in sight.
Easy to store - a real plus when charging and storing the appliance, or when taking short breaks during vacuuming
The Athlet boasts an attractive, slim design that saves space by fitting in any gap. It can also be left in the open area.
Extra-long runtime – up to 60 minutes without interruption
Thanks to its highly efficient system and high-capacity Bosch Lithium Ion batteries, the Athlet vacuums for up to 60 minutes without interruption.
Short charging time: after just 3 hours, the battery pack is 80% charged.
No more long waits until the vacuum cleaner is ready to use again. After just three hours, the battery pack is 80 % charged. A three-stage electronic protection system reliably prevents overcharging, overheating and deep discharge of the rechargeable batteries.
Long-lasting high performance – thanks to the proven Bosch Lithium Ion Technology.
Bosch Lithium Ion Technology has been proven to work in Bosch Power Tools and E-Bikes, and is synonymous with high performance and a long service life of the rechargeable batteries. When combined with the highly efficient and aerodynamically optimised LongLife Motor, this technology ensures that the Athlet is designed for intensive use.

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SensorControl for low maintenance thanks to automatic notification when cleaning is required.
The SensorControl in the Athlet signals if the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned so that the appliance constantly vacuums at its optimum performance level even after years of use.
SensorBagless™ Technology for a strong cleaning performance with minimum maintenance effort.
The SensorBagless™ Technology is at the heart of all Bosch bagless vacuum cleaners — for a new level of bagless vacuuming. See it for yourself in our film.

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No follow-up costs thanks to the bagless technology and innovative filter.
The innovative lifetime filters from Bosch offer maximum convenience as there is no need to buy more filters. In addition, there are no follow-up costs for new vacuum cleaner bags. The washable high-tech filters last for the entire life of the appliance!
High level of air flow for a thorough cleaning performance.
The efficient and robust dust separation system, together with the aerodynamically optimised HighPower Airflow System, ensures a high level of air flow at low air resistance. The result is thorough cleaning performance and a particularly high level of energy efficiency.
Easy dust and hair removal with the EasyClean System.
Both the brush roll and dust container are easy to remove.
Do you know?
Handsticks like the Athlet are fast becoming essential household favourites. These nifty operators are quick and adept at picking up spills and dirt on all floor-types. Simply flex and glide for a perfect clean.

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*Dust pick-up in comparision to a 2400 watt vacuum cleaner from BOSCH (BGL32400AU) on carpet and hard floor with crevices. Tested according to EN 60312.
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