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Preparing the unit for installation
Fully Integrated/Integrated models
  • Leave a gap of 5-10mm between the top of the dishwasher and the bottom of the worktop, to take into account uneven floor and cabinet surfaces. Adjust the height of the foot adjustment unit if necessary.
  • Ensure that the plinth or kitchen cabinet's bottom drawer do not obstruct the opening and closing of the dishwasher door panel.
Preparing the unit for installation
Moisture Proof Panel
  • Protect the wooden worktop from warping by installing a moisture-proof panel between the worktop and the dishwasher.
  • Anchor the panel securely to cover the bottom surface of the wooden worktop completely.
Installing the unit
  • Secure the dishwasher to the cabinet using a bracket or through the side openings of the appliance
  • An opening of 100mm x 50mm is recommended to allow the electric plug, AquaStop water inlet and water outlet to pass through the side or back panel of the kitchen cabinet comfortably.
  • The electric plug, water supply and drainage hoses should be placed on either the left or right side of the dishwasher. Ensure the plug and hoses can extend at least 60cm so that the dishwasher can be pulled out from the cabinet for maintenance without having to unplug the the hoses and power cables. Be sure to disconnect the power and water supply before any maintenance work.
  • For fully integrated models, the door panel should weigh between 2.5kg - 8.0kg.
  • The door panel must be resistant to steam and moisture.
  • Ensure there is enough clearance between the front door panel and plinth, so that the door can be opened and closed smoothly without obstruction.
  • Amount of clearance needed depends on the thickness of the door panel and the height of the dishwasher.
Additional Information - Pipe Diagram
Extension kit accessory can be used to extend the water inlet and outlet pipes respectively.
Extension kit on left
Extension kit on right
Power Cord: 1.2m
Power Cord: 1.6m
Water Inlet: (3.6m) 1.4m
Water Outlet: (3.6m) 1.6m
Water Inlet: (1.2m) 3.4m
Water Outlet: (1.5m) 3.5m
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